Poor But Sexy: Let’s Move In Together

Smooth and, indeed, sexy is how this D.C. five-piece starts off their LP Let’s Move In Together, which is to be released Feb. 15 on Tastey Bite. The dreamy vocals mixed with an R&B, funk and ‘70s vibe make up the album, which has me convinced that the young and young at heart could thoroughly enjoy this release.

“Big Chief” starts with an extremely slick bass line that I couldn’t stop humming after the disc ended. “Hotter Than A Poptart” had me anticipating what was to come with the building guitar riffs and drums, which led into a series of handclaps. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a retro feeling from former Dismemberment Plan guitarist Jason Caddell. The album is romantic, mellow and upbeat all at the same time.

“Cherry Delicious” seems to be the strongest song on the album, due to the fact that it is the catchiest. “Confession” reminds me of a track that an R&B artist would perform and the mini jazz-like breakdown towards the end of the song was what got me hooked.

Switching from a jazzy, R&B feel to start the tune, “Let’s Move In Together” has a folky guitar sound and countrified vocals to match, but also reverts a funk feel.

Most of the songs on the album are very story-like and geared mainly around building relationships with potential significant others, and trying to get laid. The final ditty on the release, “Dong Pills, was one of the songs that really stood out to me, both with the title and the experimental sound; it is certainly one of the most offbeat numbers on the entire record. With lyrics centered on pleasing a lover even if taking medication to “enhance” the experience, the innuendos and the word play made this song rather memorable.

In a nutshell, Let’s Move In Together is filled with sexually-charged lyrics, all in a tasteful way. Also, don’t be surprised if you catch your older relatives jamming out to this record.

In A Word: Retro