Almost Free: In/Out

Electronic, loud, dancy, feel good, enjoyable, awesome: Just a few choice words to describe Almost Free’s In/Out. The Michigan trio blends pop punk and electronica together for the band’s EP In/Out, which is so full of catchy lyrics and instrumentals that it is almost impossible to keep your feet still to.

The four-track disc starts with “Really Don’t Know (About You),” which is a mix of power pop with a surf rock twist and a chorus that will hook into the listener’s head. Keeping the feel good vibe going, “Generation Y” starts out with some spacey noises, and guitar tones. Frontman Andy Bird’s vocals are fairly modern with hints of Two Door Cinema Club meets Vampire Weekend in his style. Strong synths and a post-rock drum beat start off “Times We Used To Have.” With an overall nostalgic feel to the lyrics the third track on this release could easily be someone’s break up song with some of the hints Bird gives in the lyrics. The final track on In/Out, “Don’t Bother Me Now (Adultscent),” is a prime of example of an in your face, you better listen to me song. From the brashness of the instrumentals and the lyrics how can someone not enjoy this semi angst-filled tune.

There isn’t one track on this release that won’t keep you moving, dancing and singing along. The only compliant I have about this release is that there isn’t much range in Bird’s voice. However, the instrumentals provided by Bob Impemba and Garren Stevens make up for that.

In A Word: Fantastic