Take Action Tour: No Time Like Now

Sex education and sexual health of children and teenagers is a consistently controversial topic. From national elections to school board debates, questions about how kids learn and what they should know about sex has been argued over for decades.

This year, the Take Action Tour is teaming up with Sex Etc., a for teens by teens sexual education website and national publication, to raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe sex practices. Sex Etc. is based out of Piscataway, New Jersey and provides honest answers to real sex education questions without sugar coating it. Not only do they answer questions relating to sex but also provide stories to help others understand certain topics. They even have comics and quizzes to add some light humor while still sending a message. This year Take Action and Sex Etc. are teaming up with five bands to help educate kids about the importance of safe sex and getting tested for STDs.



The five-piece Canadian band recently left Victory Records and signed to Hopeless Records, where their latest album, Rescue, was released. As far as other releases for the band goes, they have released five studio albums, three EPs, a compilation and a live DVD/CD combo. The band’s second studio album, Discovering The Waterfront, is what launched them into the spotlight after they landed at number 34 on Billboard’s Hot 200 charts. Their sound is best described post-hardcore with a pinch of emo and punk. Their music will certainly get a crowd off their feet and into a frenzy.



The Queens-based band Bayside have been bringing the rock since 2000. The four-piece have released seven albums including their most recent release, Killing Time, which came out in February of this year. They faced a major tragedy in the death of drummer John “Beatz” Holohan and proved their ability to overcome adversity. Their music can be best described as alternative punk rock and is chock full of emotionally-driven lyrics and intense instrumentals. The band has been featured on many compilations including Punk Goes Pop 2 and 2009’s Take Action! Vol. 8. Though the band has been featured on the Take Action compilation before, this is the first time that they are playing on the tour.


Polar Bear Club

With an interesting mix of styles in their music, the Syracuse indie punk five-piece has been on the circuit since 2005. They have released two albums to date and are in the process of working on a third. Their scratchy vocal style and jammy instrumental style—which is similar to At The Drive-In—sets them apart from the other acts on the tour. The quintet have accomplished a lot in their six years of existence including playing this year’s Soundwave Festival in Australia. The band has been working on their next album, titled Clash Battle Guilt Pride, and they’re looking at a late summer/early fall release date. This is the follow up to their 2009 album, Chasing Hamburg.


The Swellers

The Swellers have gone through quite a few lineup changes, but nevertheless the four-piece has always had the music in mind and barely taken a break. Although members have rotated in and out, brothers Nick and Jonathan Diener have remained static since the beginning. The band has released four albums to date and is expecting to release an album called Good For Me in June of this year, which will be the band’s second release on Fueled By Ramen. For a band that has seen members come and go, it seems that their success has not been hindered. From opening up for Paramore, going on tour with Motion City Soundtrack, playing the Give It A Name festival in Europe and now playing on the Take Action Tour. Their pop-punk sound is sure to entertain crowds and get them moving.


Texas In July

Texas In July is the heaviest band on the Take Action Tour. The five-piece metalcore band that hail from Lancaster, Pennsylvania have recently released their second album on Equal Vision Records, titled One Reality. Music from their previous album, I Am, is featured on the Rock Band Network for download as well. Their music is hard-hitting and full of plenty of breakdowns and squeals. The band of high school friends has been together since 2007, and has toured with acts such as The Devil Wears Prada and Every Time I Die.