Eliza Doolittle: Eliza Doolittle

Born into a theatrical family, 22-year-old London singer Eliza Doolittle—whose real name is Eliza Caird—isn’t very interested in writing about love. Instead, she has decided to take another path in writing about life experiences seen through her eyes and others’. It’s very easy to understand why she’s all for her career since her hard work performing on stages since the age of 15 has been paying off.

As I listen to this album, I’m drawn to her mature style of writing and singing. Her voice comes out smooth and soulful. One of her first singles, “Skinny Genes,” is a made up story about being with a guy whose every personality trait you can’t stand, apart from having sex.

There is nothing too serious about this album, it’s a “take it like a grain of salt and let’s play in the sand” record. The next song, “Mr. Medicine,” is a feel good song about getting up out of bed and taking care of responsibilities. The song is a strong sign that although Doolittle may be mature, she is still young at heart as she continues to grow. While “So High” brings you into this romantic swoon with lyrics “I need you to know/That I need you/Don’t you walk away/I’m feeling so high.” Doolittle’s hit single, “Pack Up” is about using your youth as a key to unlock the freedom you have to decide who you want to be.

Overall, Eliza’s debut album is fun and whimsical, ranging from pop to classical and even bits of jazz and blues. It’s an uplifting summer album to listen to as you are packing up your bags with your girls and driving down to the beach for a weekend of adventure.

In A Word: Celebration