Those Mockingbirds: Fa Sol La

For their second release, Those Mockingbirds seem to have traded in the pop rock sound that was evident in their debut EP, No Symmetry, for more of a darker yet still hooky sound. Alongside the edgier take on composition in Fa Sol La, the lyrics have a melancholic feel to them as well. The six-track EP starts out with “Mountain Slang I,” a dark, moody instrumental that leads into the explosive second cut, “Coast To Coast.” The tune grabs the listener with its catchy, angst-filled lyrics over the closest thing to pop you’ll get from this record. In contrast to the fiery previous track, “Don’t Stray” is fairly somber with a slick, bluesy guitar solo.

Picking up the tempo, “The Bloodiest Gums” has a funky, haunted fun house vibe to it. The tone in the violin and in the keys is spine tingling. The tune stands out amongst the rest of Fa Sol La mainly because of the approach the band took. “We’re Animals,” the fifth cut, has a classic rock vibe similar to “Don’t Stray,” except it has a harder feel and blustering vocals. Much like the beginning of the album, the ending closes with an instrumental piece titled “Mountain Slang II.” Unlike the moodier first track, the ending song was relaxing and put my mind at peace.

Fa Sol La got a rise out of me like an energy drink despite its murky feel. I have a feeling that this release won’t get old. Kudos to you, Those Mockingbirds.

In A Word: Timeless