North Jersey Notes: Those Mockingbirds, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Circle Of Insanity and More!

I’m not sure how I ever missed this band out of Montclair, NJ, but I am sorry I did. I understand they’ve already graced the pages of the Aquarian back in 2011 with the success of their CD, Fa Sol La. They’ve even been on the cover of the paper. The name of the band is Those Mockingbirds and they recently released their brand new single for the song “How The Story Goes,” which earned them another feature in this prestigious paper, but this time in my column. The song “How The Story Goes” is the epitome of what a well-written song should sound like. It’s no secret that I’m a hard rock guy, but when it comes to alt-rock, it’s in my blood as well, and it sounds like Those Mockingbirds have something going on here.

According to their bio, Those Mockingbirds formed back in 2009 in lovely Montclair and consist of singer and guitarist Adam Bird, guitarist Kyle Walters, his brother Kevin Walters on drums and bassist Leanne Bowes. The band released their first CD, No Symmetry, in April 2010 all on their own. No Symmetry debuted at number one on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers Chart. In January 2011, Those Mockingbirds released a cover Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” which garnered the band even more attention and a month later, they were featured on Fox-5’s Fearless Music. In May 2011, Those Mockingbirds would release 50 limited edition CDs of their EP, BETA: Alpha, at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. The EP was a self-released three-song disc that was only available at that show and included an acoustic remake of their song “We Are The Antidote,” “The Bloodiest Gums,” and a cover of The Nico Blues’ “Living Proof.” On September 13, 2011, Those Mockingbirds released their critically acclaimed EP, Fa Sol La, as a free download on their website, which garnered the band more attention than they could ever imagine. This North Jersey band was ready to be taken seriously. In July 2014, guitarist Kyle Walters, brother of drummer Kevin Walters, joined the band permanently and Those Mockingbirds would proceed to release their debut full-length, Penny The Dreadful, which featured the songs “How To Rob A Bank,” “Destroy My Love” and my favorite track “A Ballad From Hell.”

This past November, Those Mockingbirds released “How The Story Goes,” which I believe will garner them even more attention in the upcoming months. They are without a doubt a band to keep an eye on in 2016. If you want to hear “How The Story Goes” or more from Those Mockingbirds, do a search for them on Spotify. For more on the band and to find out where they’re playing next, visit Those are definitely not mockingbirds you want to kill! Okay, bad joke!




I got a message from Voodoo Terror Tribe guitarist Emir Erkal a few weeks ago letting me know that the band has been hard at work on their latest CD, The Sun Shining Cold, with producer, Ill Nino frontman and my bro, Christian Machado. Emir said the band plans to release their latest opus in January 2016 pending some label interests along with a brand new music video, which they also recently completed. Emir also said the band has been offered a couple of touring opportunities including a possible support slot with Ill Nino. 2016 is lining up to be pretty incredible for Voodoo Terror Tribe. Catch Voodoo Terror Tribe live at Tenth Street Live in Kenilworth on Dec. 19 with Tantric. For more info on VTT, visit

My bud and Circle Of Insanity guitarist Scott Michalowski recently sent me a copy of the band’s new song “Bleed For Me.” It was a pretty strong track. Vocally, it reminded me of a modern-day Metallica song in that it was very Hetfield-esque. You can check “Bleed For Me” out now at

And finally, anyone check out the new video from Atomic Bitchwax yet? The video is for the song “It’s Alright” off of their latest CD, Gravitron, and from beginning to end, this song just gives you a nice kick in the ass. It’s more stoner than a stoner band can get. If you love stoner rock, you need to a) check out Atomic Bitchwax, b) need to get their CD Gravitron and c) need to check out their new video for “It’s Alright” on YouTube at For more on Atomic Bitchwax, visit

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Just remember….We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!


Tim Louie is the Author of S**t Happens.


NJN Concert Calendar:

12/3—Atomic Beauty/Aurin/Sinsanity/Unkempt Herald/Paulus Hook—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/4—The Undead/Argyle Goolsby/Darrow Chemical Company/The Cryptkeeper Five/I Vampyre—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/4—Wizards of Winter–Collingswood Scottish Rite Theatre, Collingswood, NJ

12/4—Sekond Skyn/Common Wealth/Level—The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

12/5—American Angel/Ted Poley—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/6—Andrew W.K.—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/8–Jillian Jensen/This Is All Now/Marina City/Royal Street—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/9—One Hundred Thousand—Arlene’s Grocery, NYC

12/11—Paralysis/That Of A Lion/Robots And Monsters/Unkempt Herald/Xenophile—The Meat Locker, Montclair, NJ

12/12—Those Mockingbirds—The Anchor, Kingston, NY

12/13—Brand of Julez—Amityville Music Hall, Amityville, NY

12/16—Patent Pending—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/16—Sekond Skyn/Brand of Julez/Pop Evil/Red Sun Rising—Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

12/18—Whiskey Time Machine/Regalia/Lucifer Jones/Cover Her Face/Xenophile/Purple Pam and the Flesh Eaters—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/18—Dinosaur Eyelids (ALS Benefit Show)—John and Peter’s, New Hope, PA

12/19—Shift/Reese Van Ripper/Pralaya/The Randy Haze Trio/Ed Barsano/Andrew Lange—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/19—Patent Pending—Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA

12/19—Brand of Julez/Scars of Envy—QXT, Newark, NJ

12/19—Voodoo Terror Tribe/TANTRIC/Head Therapy/Paulus Hook—Tenth Street Live, Kenilworth, NJ

12/20—Lorna Shore—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

12/26—Patent Pending—Revolution Music Hall, Amityville, NY

12/26—THAT METAL SHOW HOLIDAY BASH feat. Caustic Audio/Madysin Hatter/Flathead Sky/Sickness: Black Sabbath Tribute/Lethal Affection/PSSR Frank Ferrer (GnR/PSSR)/Voodoo Terror Tribe—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

1/7/2016—Those Mockingbirds—The Crossroads, Garwood, NJ

1/8/2016—End of an Era/ORGY/Bobaflex—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

1/8/2016—Those Mockingbirds—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

1/8/216—Without Reason—Rocky’s Bar and Grill, Rahway, NJ

1/15/2016—Those Mockingbirds—Piano’s, NYC

1/16/2016—Cycle of Pain—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ