Evanescence: Evanescence

After the wrap-up of touring behind their sophomore studio album, The Open Door (2006), singer Amy Lee admitted she wasn’t sure if she was going to continue making music with Evanescence and took a break to find herself. However, in 2009, Lee began writing again. Lo and behold the new electronic sound she was experimenting with would be the direction Evanescence would take with their self-titled release.

The album kicks off with, “What You Want,” which is by far the heaviest and hookiest track on the record as Amy’s powerful vocal range begs attention. It’s an up-tempo track that uses a little bit of every instrument. “Sick” too is a heavy and extremely infectious number.

A weeping piano begins “My Heart Is Broken,” climbing when upbeat drums fall into place and grungy guitar riffs work to accent the rhythm of their second single. This is most similar to their “Bring Me To Life” hit, but instead offers a brighter and fuller sound.

Opposite from their heavier pieces is their stripped-down work “Lost In Paradise,” which is all about a clean piano, simple synths, strings, straightforward drumming and Lee’s vocals.

In their third release, Evanescence has managed to stay with their own unique sound but made this the most different album they’ve ever created due to their experimenting with computer-programming effects, synths and strings to create a fuller, livelier sound.

In A Word: Alive