Megadeth: Th1rt3en

As one of the pioneers of thrash, Megadeth is a band that needs no introduction. They’ve traveled the world, sold-out venues everywhere, and are going to remain a powerhouse for as long as they continue to play. Their new disc, Th1rt3en, was released on Nov. 1 and it’s the first studio album since 2001’s The World Needs A Hero to feature founding member/bassist Dave Ellefson.

“Sudden Death,” which was featured in the popular video game Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, gets the CD rolling. Playing this song on Guitar Hero must be incredibly difficult, as this is one of the fastest guitar tracks you’ll come across. Dave Mustaine delivers some strong riffs but Chris Broderick, arguably one of the best guitarists on the planet, carries this tune, and because of his performance, it’s no surprise that it was nominated for a Grammy. While Mustaine’s nasally voice can sometimes get on your nerves, he does a great job on the second number, “Public Enemy No. 1.” “Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)” follows. The lyrics here are questionable, as Mustaine seems to be complaining too much and Shawn Drover disappoints by playing the same drum pattern throughout.

“New World Order,” which was written in 1991 and later released as a demo, has been properly re-recorded and finally put on a full-length. It’s a badass, hard-hitting track that contains a little of everything. Ellefson gets in on the action and makes his appearance felt on the melodic songs “Fast Lane” and “Black Swan.”

As per usual with Megadeth, the guitars are exceptional, the drums are above average, and Mustaine’s voice, well, it isn’t the greatest. But in the end, he does enough to get by and this album is better than many others.

In A Word: Fiery