Machine Head: Unto The Locust

Machine Head has been delivering solid songs since their inception. Active since 1991, the heavy metal quartet has never had an album quite like this one. With their latest full-length, Machine Head has confirmed that they are among the genre’s elite. Unto The Locust is a thing of beauty.

The album gets underway with “I Am Hell (Sonata In C#),” which is very dark and incredibly heavy. The guitar solos are exceptional, and while it’s not the best song on the disc, it’s a badass way to get it rolling. “Be Still And Know” follows, and while it’s a bit more toned down, the guitars once again are superb as vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn does a great job complementing them. Arguably the best track on the CD, “Locust” is an all-around masterpiece. The pre-chorus builds up crazy momentum, the chorus is extremely catchy and the riffs that guitarists Phil Demmel and Flynn battle each other with are tremendous.

Thunderous drums from Dave McClain go along with Flynn’s talented voice to give “This Is The End” an angry, melodic feel to it. Shifting gears quite a bit, “Darkness Within” is much different than any of the previous songs as Flynn gets quite emotional delivering some chilling lyrics. The CD concludes with “Who We Are.” The bass from Adam Duce is nice and heavy and it’s a bit of everything that you previously heard meshed into one final number.

It’s a job well done by these guys. If you’re a fan of melodic metal, be sure to get yourself a copy.

In A Word: Smashing

—by Giorgio Mustica