Farewell Milwaukee: When It Sinks In

The 13 tracks that make up Farewell Milwaukee’s sophomore release, When It Sinks In, are harmonious and heartfelt recollections of love—minus all the excessive sappiness. Although the quintet’s sound can be described as country/folk, it isn’t the winded style that some associate with the genre—instead, the band has a fresh vibe that many can appreciate. From the start, Farewell Milwaukee proves they are a versatile band. The opening number, “The Wallpaper’s Gonna Swallow You Whole,” features a more prominent country vibe whereas “Ain’t Rules” is much more subtle with its influences. Switching gears, Farewell Milwaukee shows off that they can be both heart-aching and heartwarming at the same time, with their acoustic ballad, “When It Sinks In.” With the emotion and power behind Ben Lubeck’s vocals it is hard not to tear up during the number.

Farewell Milwaukee does a good job at taking their songs and molding them to fit both the love-struck and those who are sick of love. “Waiting On You” is upbeat, and romantic yet there is a bit of jadedness in the lyrics. During “You Are The Only One,” the five-piece experiments with a funkier sound through retro guitar riffs and a deep bass groove. However, the disc ends much like it started, with a heavy country influence. “Lovable/Kind” is a sweet jam about why someone loves their significant other, which what better way to immortalize one’s love than through song.

When It Sinks In is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. Between the overall tightness of the disc and beautiful lyrics, how could one not love the pureness of Farewell Milwaukee?

In A Word: Sweet