Boxed Wine: Cheap, Fun

Boxed Wine are a hidden gem in the liquor cabinet that is the New Jersey music scene. Their debut full-length, Cheap, Fun, is a top-shelf, smooth, refreshing drink that will have you dancing on tabletops by its end. In 10 songs, the quartet captures a carefree vibe; however, there are twists and turns of rocky relationships, though given the upbeat and dancey nature of the release, it’s hard to tell. The only complaint that comes to mind is that Cheap, Fun flies by and the energetic dance party in your ears is over just as fast as it started.

Although one hit comes after another on Cheap, Fun, some numbers stand out a bit more. Take, for example, the mouthwatering “Cannibal,” the funky “Overboard,” and the sizzling “Dayglow (Why Can’t We Stay).” As the follow-up track to the opener, “Into The Nite,” “Cannibal” starts the party with an infectious chorus that will stick for days even after the party is over. “Overboard” had a bit of a rockier and swinging nautical sound to it that adds some extra pizzazz to the already top-notch album whereas “Dayglow (Why Can’t We Stay)” toys with call and answer lyrics that throws some variety and theatrics into the release.

If Boxed Wine aren’t on your radar yet, they should be. This band brings together everything that an indie pop act should: unforgettable hooks, energetic beats and ability to make you want to dance your face off. Cheap, Fun sets the bar high for others who are releasing albums this year.

In A Word: Brilliant