Run Dan Run: Normal

Run Dan Run’s Normal is a lyrically driven, melodic album. It includes components of both indie and techno genres, as well as the sounds of a trumpet and trombone, which provide it with originality and uniqueness.

With its gravely vocals and sentimental lyrics, Normal has a relatively peaceful vibe. Its eerie guitar tones and robotic beats present in tracks such as “Lovesick Animal” and “Box-Type Love” are calming and mellow. However, I found that most of the album’s songs blended together, due to their highly similar arrangements. A few exceptional tracks were able to alter my opinion of Normal with their distinctiveness and unconventionality.

One example is “False-Hearted Lover,” which starts out slow. A ghostly melody plays until about 1:45 when the singer finally joins in. At that moment, the instruments fade into the distance, creating a placid yet emotional atmosphere. The lyrics are bitter and remorseful, although they are present for just a minute before the track transitions back to its original state.

In contrast, “Cut-Outs” begins with a catchy tone. Percussive elements in the background give it a funky, psychedelic feel. Its accusing words reveal the nature of people and the vocalist’s reluctance to become one of their “cut-outs.” Its beat changes consistently and is accentuated with the soft sounds of a tambourine.

The album’s last track is also highly distinctive. “In Parts” ha a slow tempo that portrays the emotions of sadness and exasperation. The light drum riffs allow the track to concentrate on the vocals, which are dreary and pessimistic. “In Parts” ends on a high-pitched, ear-ringing note.

Normal would have been repetitive and monotonous without a few extraordinary tracks. Because of these additions, it is both experimental and eclectic.

In A Word: Unconventional