Opposition Rising: Aftermathematics

The combination of Boston, angry middle-aged men, and punk rock might make anyone a little apprehensive but that’s what you get with new Boston-based DIY punk group Opposition Rising. Their debut record, Aftermathematics, was released this past summer and is available for free download all over the internet. Opposition rising consists of Bill, Josh, Nick, and Rich, all of whom I couldn’t procure the last names of. They advertise themselves as “four well-seasoned veterans” of the punk scene. After hearing that, I was even more apprehensive. Grown men complaining about the government and their retirement checks, perhaps?

No, this was far from it. These guys may have been around the block a few times, but they most definitely have not lost a step. Right from the beginning, in their opening track “Rising,” that punk, in your face mentality is there with punishing guitar and vocals.

Lead vocalist Bill takes the songs to another level with his extremely intelligent lyrics. “The Rich Are Killing The Poor” is a very relatable song for the current times, referencing the gains of the one percent at the expense of everyone else. “F.T.W.,” short for what else but “Fuck The World,” is that obligatory, cookie-cutter punk song, yet it was elevated again by Bill’s great lyrics.

“Pink-Slip Murder Suicide” and “Total Annihilation” follow up with nothing that outstanding but both are solid tracks. It starts to really get fun towards the end with “Everybody’s Lying To You.” The opening baseline rocks and the whole opening sounds like a good Rage Against The Machine track. “Destination Apocalypse” closes off as aggressive as ever with great guitar licks, vocals, and everything in between.

Age has nothing to do with how hard you rock and these guys are living proof. In fact, their years may have given them the slight advantage in creating a disc that’s a great find for punk fans new and old.

In A Word: Matured