You Me At Six: Sinners Never Sleep

Punk rockers You Me At Six have created a substantial album that manages to be both catchy and meaningful. Sinners Never Sleep includes twelve relatable tracks, each set to an infectious beat that incorporates elements from alternative-rock and metal music.

The CD begins with the animated, repetitive guitar chords of “Loverboy,” which draws the listener in with its energetic vibe. With high-ranging vocals and simple lyrics, the song is memorable and guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. While “Loverboy” captures Sinners Never Sleep’s fun and laid back side, its various other tracks showcase life’s more negative aspects.

“This Is The First Thing” and “Crash” emit feelings of regret and nostalgia. Both are slow-paced and melancholy. With an echoing chorus, “This Is The First Thing,” has an unsettling atmosphere that paints an image of loss and despair. “Crash” is equally sentimental. It starts off with a calm rhythm, as the singer is absent for the first 30 seconds. In the background, a chiming tone and soft drum beat play as the lyrics highlight the struggles of years long past.

Sinners Never Sleep would not be complete without at least one angry, bitter song. “Bite My Tongue” is full of hostility. The snide tone of the vocalist is apparent from the first few words: “I hate to break it to you, but you’re a lonely star.” The strong guitar sounds and loud drum riffs in the background appear hateful and ominous. Full of obscenities and the unavoidable screaming, “Bite My Tongue” adds to the irrefutable versatility of the album.

Overall, You Me At Six’s Sinners Never Sleep weaves together various human emotions into an original, revealing CD.

In A Word: Exposing