Hit The Lights: Invicta

It’s not difficult to get hooked on the super catchy guitar parts and simple vocals that comprise the latest album from the pop punk outfit, Hit The Lights. Even for one who is not a savvy music listener, their obviously likable qualities are easily recognizable. On the album, titled Invicta, vocalist Nick Thompson’s style is unexpectedly not as whiny or polished as one would assume.

On the second song, “Gravity,” lively drums, a rhyming chorus, and an over-the-top, cheerful vibe makes it a pop anthem. Hit The Lights’ songs are scripted in a basic form, providing accessibility for any sort of listener. The lively hooks on Invicta and on their records in the past have allowed them to attain a rather large following. “Faster Now” is a fun use of synthesizers, which makes for an irresistibly bubbly sample. The song “Oh My God” slows the pace of the composition’s poppy nature, which is a refreshing change. It maintains the elementary quality of the album’s big picture and may be the best track on it.

Having already toured with experienced groups in this branch of pop, Hit The Lights shows their stuff, mirroring the sounds of Four Year Strong. With Invicta, perhaps the band is hoping to live up to the word by remaining undefeated and unconquered by obstacles. As Hit The Lights continues to tour and learn from the best, they are sure to collect fans of easy listening and expand their horizons. Hopefully somewhere down the line, Hit The Lights can take what they’ve learned and risk a little evolution to allow for a record that is not entirely predictable.

In A Word: Uniform