Conspirator: Unlocked – Live From The Georgia Theatre

Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein, both of the Philadelphia trance jam band The Disco Biscuits, formed a little side project called Conspirator back in 2004. Their lineup has been subject to various changes throughout the years but recently, they added guitarist Chris Michetti and multiple drummers including Darren Shearer of The New Deal, Mike Greenfield of Lotus, KJ Sawka of Pendulum and Adam Deitch of Break Science. With this new and improved lineup, the group seems to be soaring to new heights while still trying to shake the “just a side project” label. Unlocked – Live From the Georgia Theatre is a great flowing setlist that shows that these guys really mean business.

They kick off the set with “Park Ave,” which features the beautiful union of a bluesy guitar styling and great electronic sounds—it draws the listener in perfectly. The different influences the group has had is exceedingly apparent, as they find a great balance of drum and bass sounds throughout. That being said, Michetti’s guitar playing steals the show as exemplified by the solos in “Countach,” “S&M” and “So Much More.”

The electric sounds brought forth by Magner and Brownstein are also great with the keyboard featured in “Commercial Amen” and both installments of “Velvet Red.” The songs are fast-paced, energetic, and a lot of them will make you want to dance, such as “Countach.” Everything is infectious, and Conspirator put their spin on some other songs with the lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” featured on “Proper Education,” making for the best, most badass cut off the disc.

The entire setlist is stellar and each member of the group has their own couple minutes in the spotlight, as everyone shines throughout the disc. The way they seamlessly mesh together great rock and electric sounds makes me want to hear more from these guys soon.

In A Word: Cohesive