Catch Wild: Waking Up With Fire

Catch Wild’s latest release, Waking Up With Fire, is your classic, hooky pop rock album. The seven-song disc does dabble into some heavy motifs, but for the most part, it’s a lighthearted listen that does its job and provides high energy tracks to get down to. With a name like “Supersonic Flight,” one would expect something with some oomph—however, it’s a bit lackluster. Something positive to be said about the weak starting revolves around vocalist/guitarist Jessica Rose’s smoggy voice which tessellates into a melodic powerhouse that restored some hope for the other numbers to follow.

The follow-up, “Star” is more of what I was expecting from the first piece. The guitars and bass are groovier and the hooks are catchier, which make for a decently energetic pick-me-up. Not much on the album stood out except for the minor changes in tones. Catch Wild’s more energetic pieces were too similar to the countless other female fronted pop rock bands of today. The hooks were there, but that’s about it. However, when aiming for a semi-different style, Catch Wild didn’t disappoint. “Under The Gun” is a swanky, acoustic ballad that shows off the softer and emotive side of Rose’s voice. The finale, “In Rapture” starts out with fluffy plucking while another guitar cries in the background and the lyrics give a mature light to the four-piece. Despite giving in to the hooky Catch Wild’s couple of songs, their final pieces really caught my attention more than the others.

Even with the less than magical beginning, Catch Wild’s Waking Up With Fire is a diamond in the rough. Once the first few cuts pass by, you’re in the clear for a moving release.

In A Word: Average