The Campbell Apartment’s sophomore release starts off with a bang and its momentum doesn’t slow down as the release carries on. In is a collection of catchy, generally upbeat, straight-to-the-point songs that has a natural flow. With a sound that is ‘90s power rock with a quirky twist, The Campbell Apartment doesn’t hold anything back. “I Don’t Believe In Love (Anymore)” is a two-minute track that the heartbroken can join together and dance around to. Despite the melancholy motifs, the swift guitars make it an uplifting start to the disc. The East turned West Coast natives combine the best of both coasts to create a sound that is aesthetically pleasing to the ear.

The Campbell Apartment keeps things moving in a very ‘90s direction throughout the entirety of In. However, “My Many Mini Obsessions” gets a bit creepy as Ari Vais lists off names of his mini obsessions over strong drums and guitars. With grungy vocals, pounding drums and a deep bass, “Plug-In Freak” takes the cake for one of the darker sounding cuts on the disc. The Campbell Apartment shows their sweet side during the acoustic medley, “Tonight You Belong To Me.” The quartet keeps things on the mellow side for the cold ballad, “There Goes The Sun.” Although the last two numbers aren’t as upbeat as the others on the disc, they certainly don’t end In on a grim note. “That’s All There Is (That’s All)” is pretty much a recap of the disc.

Give The Campbell Apartment a listen and you’re bound to find a warm, colorful collection of songs that are both modern yet still carry an eclectic vintage feel to them.

In A Word: Fantastic

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