Your Ultimate Guide To Bamboozle 2012! (Sunday)

Action Item

Action Item is made up of Bergen County, NJ, natives Brian Cag on vocals and guitar, Anthony Li on guitar and cello, Mark Shami on piano, David Buczkowski on bass, and Dan Brozek on drums. Their debut, The World And I, came out in 2008 and through touring with acts like We The Kings, Hot Chelle Rae and Allstar Weekend over the last couple years, they’ve been one of the most talked about pop rock groups of the last few years. They currently have three singles on Radio Disney and recently released their newest single, “Marching Band,” earlier this year. They come to Bamboozle fresh off of a spring tour again with Hot Chelle Rae, so these guys are poised and ready to rock the stage at Asbury Park.



Alesana, named for the street where the band used to practice in Baltimore, features Shawn Milke on vocals and rhythm, Dennis Lee with the screams, Pat Thompson and Alex Torres on guitars, Shane Crump on bass and Jeremy Bryan on percussion. As a group, they’ve released one EP and four full-lengths since their inception in 2004. All of their full-lengths have been concept albums, from Greek mythology and Grimms’ Fairy Tales to Annabel Lee and their latest, A Place Where The Sun Is Silent, a play of Dante’s Inferno. The post-hardcore group recently released an eight-minute music video for their song “Lullaby Of The Crucified,” and they are currently in studio again. Expect more from them soon.


Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay is bringing comedy to Bamboozle with his humorous antics and crude jokes. Before South Park and Chappelle’s Show, Clay surprised audiences all over the country with his hardcore comedy. He was retired until very recently, so Bamboozle crowds will be among the first to see him in years. Notable moments in his career include his lead role in the film The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, his spot on Crime Story from 1986 to 1988, and his appearances in Making The Grade and Pretty In Pink. Andrew Dice Clay got his first big break in standup comedy when he did a seven minute set at Dangerfield’s in 1988, which occurred during the Robert Dangerfield special, Nothing Goes Right. Since then, Clay has encased his humor in nine mixtapes and albums for fans to enjoy at any time. He has appeared in over 20 movies and television shows. In addition to his career, Andrew Dice Clay is currently a father to two rambunctious teenage boys. After Bamboozle, he will be performing at the Starlite Theatre at Riviera Hotel & Casino for many nights until December.


Ashland High

For those of you familiar with Disney Star Miley Cyrus (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you may not be familiar with the older brother of the family, Trace Cyrus. To be blunt, he’s nothing like his sister. Trace used to be part of the pop rock group, Metro Station, before forming his new group, Ashland High, in 2010. He’s been working hard on putting out Ashland High’s debut album, which will be produced out of Cyrus’ condo. They currently have out one single, “French Kiss,” and two demos, “Break It Down” and “Pretty Girls.” Ashland High performed their first live show in February and Cyrus’ future plans for the group, other than the album, are unknown at the moment.



Bayside is a four-piece punk rock band signed to Wind-up Records. To this date, they have five albums, but cite Killing Time as their personal favorite. The CD encompasses Bayside’s trademark sound, a twisted rock theme complete with harsh, bitter endings. However, it also pushes the band’s boundaries with its unconventionality, proof of Bayside’s daring attitude and musical ability. The group also released a cover of Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” for Punk Goes Pop 2. As for touring, they have performed at both Bamboozle and Vans Warped tour multiple times. Bayside has also toured with Silverstein, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, Texas In July, Transit, Saves The Day, and I Am The Avalanche, among others. After Bamboozle, they will be performing at Vans Warped Tour from June 16th to July 30th. Additionally, lead singer Anthony Raneri will be playing the Acoustic Basement Stage on these days. Raneri has also done some solo work—check out his newly released album, New Cathedrals.


Bon Jovi

These rock stars are sure to attract many fans to this year’s Bamboozle Festival. Shortly after a tour that included 144 concerts and 3.7 million fans, Bon Jovi is taking a break to perform in his home state of New Jersey. Bon Jovi has been popular since the ‘80s, but has consistently updated their sound in order to appeal to a wide range of fans. It is not unusual for the band to perform to a crowd mixed with adolescents and adults. They consistently pump up these crowds with their antics, ‘80s influenced attire, and overwhelming ability to constantly deliver quality performances.

With 11 successful studio albums, Bon Jovi has been able to really make such a name for themselves. They have definitely engraved themselves into music history and will most likely be listened to for years to come. The band has won numerous awards, including nine Grammy’s, three MTV Video Music Awards, and six American Music Awards. With a name like Bon Jovi, it would be unusual for them not to headline tours—however, they have consistently had big name artists support them. In the past, the All American Rejects, OneRepublic, Train, and Nickelback have been spotted on tour with Bon Jovi.

Due to the fact that each of the band’s members have personal lives, for instance, Jon Bon Jovi is happily married with kids, they are not constantly touring. The group has a set rhythm where they produce music, go on tour, and then take some time off to spend with their families. Since Bon Jovi has not announced any upcoming tours yet, fans should definitely catch them at the Bamboozle Festival. It is also unlikely to see them in such a setting every again, as the band has not played first come-first serve shows in years. They typically offer designated seating. The chance to see Bon Jovi out of their setting and hear their relatable, catchy rock tunes is something that should not be taken for granted. These guys are legends.


Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls made their big break with the single “The Great Escape” in 2005. Their unique, energetic pop rock sound has managed to win their music a lot of radio time as well as find them an immense amount of fans. Their two albums, Boys Like Girls and Love Drunk, have proved to be phenomenally successful. They’ve performed at the Bamboozle Festival, toured with the likes of Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne, and even collaborated with pop star Taylor Swift on their hit love song, “Two Is Better Than One.” Additionally, the band has also participated in numerous side projects. Bryan, the group’s bassist, released an EP entitled Newest Versions, which includes four exclusive tracks. Lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni has his own clothing line called Black Carbon Custom. Overall, Boys Like Girls is best known for their intense musical style and heartwarming songs.


Brand New

Coming to us from Levittown, Long Island is the masters of alternative rock, Brand New. Formerly of a group called The Rookie Lot, vocalist and guitarist Jesse Lacey, bassist Garrett Tierney, and drummer Brian Lee went on to form Brand New from the remnants of The Rookie Lot at the turn of the millenium. In addition to its founding members, the band also features Vincent Accardi on lead guitar and Derrick Sherman on keys and guitars. They are currently signed to DGC.

Their debut album, Your Favorite Weapon, was released in late 2001 and was received very well by many in the music community. The album helped them land tour opportunities with Taking Back Sunday and Finch. Their second record, Deja Entendu, was written during the year and a half or so during which Brand New was touring in support of their first record. The album was also notably more stylistically mature than their previous effort, and was what really gave the group its big break.

Since then, the group has released two more albums, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me and Daisy, as well as a re-release of Your Favorite Weapon. During their 2012 UK tour, they announced that they had been working on a fifth studio album, had studio time set aside in April, and that the record may feature some more stylistic changes. Lyrically, these guys are brilliant, and their sounds are unlike any other. Look for them at Bamboozle as well as on tour afterwards, as they’ll be on the road until at least August.



Los Angeles’ Buckcherry has had a turbulent history. After forming in 1995, they released Buckcherry and Time Bomb before disbanding in 2002. After a three-year hiatus, the group reformed under frontman Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson with a newly revamped lineup, featuring Stevie D. on guitar, Jimmy Ashhurst on bass and Xavier Muriel on drums. They’ve released three albums since—most notably 15, which featured the wildly successful “Sorry” and “Crazy Bitch.” They’ll be at Bamboozle in full swing from their current spring tour, and will be having shows and attending festivals across the U.S. and Canada until the end of July.


Catch 22

Formed back in 1996 is the East Brunswick Township, NJ, ska punk group Catch 22. Created by ex-guitarist/vocalist Tomas Kalnoky and drummer Chris Greer, the group now features Ryan Eldred, Pat Calpin, Kevin Gunther, Pat Kays, Ian McKenzie and Greer. After releasing their self-produced demo, Rules Of The Game in 1996, it’s been all uphill from there. They’ve released another EP and five full-lengths, with 2006’s Permanent Revolution being their latest. Many mainstream groups have opened for Catch 22 in the past, including Taking Back Sunday and Sum 41. Their appearance at Bamboozle is the only one they have advertised.


Comeback Kid

The boys of Comeback Kid come from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and derive their name from an old newspaper headline referring to Mario Lemieux’s return to the NHL (those Canadians and their hockey, eh?). Formed back in 2000, this melodic hardcore four-piece now boasts Andrew Neufeld on vocals, Jeremy Hiebert on guitar, Matt Keil on bass, and Kyle Profeta on drums. 2010’s Symptoms + Cures is the band’s fourth and most recent full-length and the group is signed to Victory Records. They come to Bamboozle fresh off their Symptoms + Cures Tour with Close Your Eyes, Foundation, Such Gold, and Living With Lions.


Cris Cab

Cris Cab has been creating music since he was just nine years old. At that tender age, he begged his parents for a guitar and started developing a passion. He obsessed over finding albums and began to cover Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley songs, all the while adding his own original additions. Cris Cab’s music is characterized by his wholesome vocals, Caribbean beats, and overwhelmingly catchy tunes. He’s only 17 years old yet he has achieved millions of hits on YouTube and is undeniably an old soul at heart. By posting covers of popular songs on the web, Cris Cab has managed to snag the attention of music icons Pharrell Williams and Pitbull. Pharrell even helped him to produce his debut album, Echo Boom, which is bursting with creativity and sentimental value. The artist was recently part of the 2011 Snowstorm Music Tour, which also featured T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes, Outasight, and many others. Cab currently has no set tour for after Bamboozle, so be sure to see the talented youth while you’re at the festival.



This alternative rock/power pop band is originally from Wayne, NJ. Dramarama experienced a temporary split in 1994 before reuniting in 2003. Today, the band has nine studio albums and over 15 EPs. They have also appeared in countless TV shows and films, including A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and MTV’s 120 Minutes. Dramarama is a must see for the sheer energy they present on stage. Additionally, the band has gained much experience from their rigorous touring and performance schedule. They’ve performed at Six Flags Great Adventure, as well as in popular venues such as the House Of Blues, Red Devil Lounge, and The Stone Pony. They have also performed with various other artists, including but not limited to, Interchangeable Hearts, Fort Wilson Riot, Dirty Bird, Def Leppard, Heart, The Escape Club, and When In Rome. Bamboozle goers should watch Dramarama for a taste of alternative rock, indie, power pop, and punk.


DJ Toro

Adding to the list of fresh DJs this year is DJ Toro. He began in clubs in Brooklyn back when he was only 16 years old. After he honed his skillful ear and masterful fingers, he came into the spotlight at age 19. Now, he’s one of the many DJs heard on New York City’s 92.3 Now. Known for his awesome house beats, he’s also skilled in hip-hop and some killer mashups. His show, TicTak And The Freakshow, can be heard 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday on 92.3 Now.



Folly comes back to Bamboozle this year after their breakup back in 2008. The group, which consists of Jon Tummillo on vocals, Arben Colaku on bass, Geoff Towle and Agim Colaku on guitar, and Anthony Wille on drums, comes back for a few special shows in 2012. These guys formed back in 1997 and have a few demos and two full-lengths available. They state on their Facebook page that, “the band is not ‘back together,’” and that the shows they played in March and April serve more of a reunion purpose—but that doesn’t mean they rock any less! At Bamboozle, they hope to keep the “reunion” motif intact.


He Is We

The five-piece indie-pop band He Is We is currently signed to Universal Republic/Framework NY Records. They have three original CDs to this date in Old Demos, My Forever, and Skip To The Good Part (EP). Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly are considered the main members of the group, while Harrison Allen, Carman Kubanda, and Jake Randle make up their travelling band. He Is We sets themselves apart from other bands by placing an emphasis on interacting with fans. Taylor has expressed her frustration with groups that start to get a big ego. Instead of dreading signing autographs or talking to fans, she cherishes these moments and recognize that they are what makes He Is We successful. The adorable duo will wow Bamboozle with their high-ranging vocals, emotional acoustic melodies, and slow, soft songs. He Is We is also currently on tour with Windsor Drive, Deas Vail, Plug In Stereo, and South Jordan.


Like Moths To Flames

Another metalcore group on the bill is Columbus, Ohio’s, Like Moths To Flames. The band is the latest brainchild of Chris Roetter, formerly of the groups Emarosa, Corpus Christi and Agraceful. Other members of the group are guitarists Zach Huston and Eli Ford, bassist Aaron Evans, and their brand new drummer, Kevin Rutherford. They went unsigned for about a year after their inception but then became part of the Rise Records group. In 2010, they released their first EP, Sweet Talker, to critical acclaim. Their debut on Rise, When We Don’t Exist, was released in late 2011. They come to Bamboozle with their spring touring partners, Texas In July. Their plans for after the festival are currently unknown.


Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench is a Canadian quartet consisting of singer Josh Ramsay, guitarist Matt Webb, bassist Mike Ayley, and drummer Ian Casselman. The group was formed back in 2001 when Ramsay and Webb were still in high school and after Ramsay’s brief solo career. The group has released three studio albums, including their most recent, 2009’s Ever After, which was released through 604 Records. It’s a 54-minute, 12-track record that is stitched together in order to sound like one fluent, continuous song. Bamboozle is the midway point for the group’s summer tour, as they hope to bring their infectious pop rock sound with them as they travel the rest of North America in the coming months.


Murphy’s Law

New York City’s own hardcore group, Murphy’s Law, will be dusting off the old gear as they prepare for this year’s Bamboozle. Formed back in 1982, the only remaining founding member is Jimmy Gestapo, while the rest of the lineup consists of Jason Stickney on guitar, Raven on sax, Felipe Lithgow on bass, and Frank Lema on drums. The group hasn’t released a full-length since 2001’s The Party’s Over, but has released special cover and live albums. Now signed to I Scream Records, the band’s been working on their sixth studio album and they hope to get that, as well as a re-issue of their older material, out soon. These punk veterans are sure to rock the stage this year.


Obey The Brave

Obey The Brave is composed of former members of Despised Icon and Blind Witness, and they are a hardcore screamo band from Canada. The group has been taking shape for the past year but was only officially announced on January 17, 2012. As a new band, they make for an intriguing act at this year’s Bamboozle Festival. The band just recently released their debut full-length album, Young Blood, which is full of energy and passion. It is clear that Obey The Brave is already working hard to create a name for themselves. In fact, in the first two weeks of their existence, they somehow managed to secure a couple dozen Eastern Canadian dates and over 14,000 Facebook fans without even releasing a single song! They also performed at day one of the Jamboree Music Festival in Toledo, which marked their first appearance in the U.S. After Bamboozle, they will play at a couple of venues in Canada. Other than that, they have not announced any predetermined plans, so be sure not to miss them in Asbury Park!



Richard Andrew is the American singer and rapper, Outasight. Although he is primarily a pop artist, he also experiments with other genres such as hip-hop, soul, and classic rock. Outasight practically has music running in his veins—he grew up with a mother that decorated the walls with records and a father that practiced his guitar constantly. His family also moved multiple times while he was growing up. These changes were always difficult for him to accept, so he turned to music for comfort and consistency. Now, Outasight is signed to Warner Bros. Records and has seven successful mixtapes and one EP. Some notable moments in his career include his single, “Tonight Is The Night,” being featured on a Pepsi commercial, performing live at the 2012 NHL All Star Game, and appearing at the 2007 Hip-Hop Festival alongside big names like Ghostface Killah. Outasight also collaborated with famous rapper Asher Roth on the “Catch Me If You Can” remix. As for after Bamboozle, the artist has confirmed that his second official single from his upcoming album is called “Now Or Never,” and it will be released soon.



Popular hip-hop group Overdoz is coming to Bamboozle 2012. The Inglewood, CA boys met in high school before creating the well-known musical act. Overdoz was merely a side project for them, something fun that they could do on weekends. However, they were soon praised for their efforts and began to play more and more shows. Today, Overdoz has collaborated with some of the genre’s most popular artists. They teamed up with Wiz Khalifa for “Roll Up” and Kurupt for “Makings Of You.” Their highly anticipated album, Live For, Die For, passed all expectations by showcasing emcees like Sleezy, Tube, Cream, and Kent—delivering rap that tells the complex stories of love, drugs, and adolescence. They currently have no set plans for after the festival.


Patent Pending

This American pop-punk band released their debut album, Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine, in 2006. Since then, Patent Pending has been slowly climbing up the ladder of fame. The band’s humble beginning was in Mount Sinai, NY, when Michael Rogasta and Drew Buffardi hastily gathered together to perform at a local show. Patent Pending’s first EP was quite short; it was titled Meet The Fat Kids and contained only two songs. As the years went by, they grew more and more successful. They have since released eight more, significantly longer CDs. They are known for their eclectic fusion of elements and undeniably unique sound. Patent Pending is primarily punk rock, but they also draw influences from hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Their songs contain ideas of unrequited love, growing up, and even promote suicide awareness and suicide prevention. The multi-talented group just completed a tour with Bowling For Soup! Patent Pending’s act at Bamboozle will most likely draw a large crowd. Their unique Blink 182-meets-Green Day sound is sure to please a wide range of audience members.


Plug In Stereo

Plug In Stereo is the music of 18-year-old Trevor Dahl. Music was always a part of his life and he grew up listening to Bob Marley, The Shins, and Jack Johnson. He was in countless bands as a kid, but nothing felt right to him until he formed Plug In Stereo. As just a junior in high school, Dahl began touring with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Never Shout Never and The Ready Set. Plug In Stereo self-recorded and released two EPs, and just recently came out with his first full-length album, Nothing To Something. The name in itself represents Trevor’s musical journey. With heartfelt songs like “Oh Darling,” Plug In Stereo has attracted many teenage fans. However, the themes and struggles he sings about are universal and listeners of all ages can relate to his lyrics. Due to his music’s sentimental value and beautiful harmonies, he is a must-see act at Bamboozle. He is currently on tour with Windsor Drive, Deas Vail, and South Jordan.


Riff Raff

This 26-year-old rapper from Houston, TX, has the MTV logo tattooed on his neck. Riff Raff has a number of other quirks besides his ink; he admits he cheated his way through school and he decorates his apartment so that it looks like a night club. Riff Raff also appeared on the second season of MTV’s From G’s To Gents. After the show, he landed a record deal with Soulja Boy’s SODMG imprint. Additionally, the rapper has made up many nicknames for himself and began going by names that his friends and fans call him. Riff Raff will answer to The Texas Tornado, The Freestyle Scientist, and Kokayne Dawkins. The artist currently has five CDs out to this date. He has played with many other musicians and groups, including Black Lips and Eli Porter. Riff Raff is unique because of his easy going, worry free attitude. On his Facebook page, he states that if you don’t “feel him” you better “put on a bowtie stick to eatin casserole and watchin reruns of MASH.” There’s nothing more interesting than a musician with an attitude. Riff Raff will also be in MTV’s upcoming show, Thug Passion.


Sammy Adams

“Boston Boy,” aka rapper Sammy Adams, is best known for his song “I Hate College,” a remake of Asher Roth’s “I Love College.” His career first started when he began recording songs in his college dorm room in 2008. To this date, he has one EP and three mixtapes. Sammy Adams has performed at Lollapalooza, as well as last year’s Bamboozle festival. His rap is full of clever lyrics, hip-hop influences, and smooth, catchy melodies. He has been compared to both Mac Miller and Asher Roth. However, his music has unique qualities, such as dance rhythms, that set him apart from both names. Sammy Adams will also be performing at the Kiss 108 Concert in Mansfield, MA, the day before he appears at Bamboozle. The festival will feature well-known artists such as Adam Lambert, Flo Rida, and Enrique Iglesias. Currently, the rapper does not have any set plans for after Bamboozle.


Skizzy Mars

Myles Mills, aka Skizzy Mars, has been creating one hell of a buzz in the blogosphere over the last few years or so. This up-and-coming rap artist hails from New York, NY, and he has a lot of potential. He has been dropping tracks that have had people talking about his great lyrics and samples, he’s been compared to Drake, Kid Cudi, and Wiz Khalifa, and almost everyone’s talking about all his potential. He had a show up in Poughkeepsie, NY, with Das Racist and Tobacco back on April 20, and he hopes to continue to wow everybody with his skill and potential at Bamboozle this year.



Though all of its members are originally from the UK, the guys from Spacehog have called NYC home over the last decade and a half or so. The group is made up of vocalist/bassist Royston Langdon, guitarists Anthony Langdon and Richard Steel, and drummer Jonny Cragg, and they formed back in 1994. The group was going strong with three full-length albums released from 1995-2001, after which they disbanded. After a 10-year hiatus, the group is back and has announced their fourth album, As It Is On Earth, which they hope will be out soon. While Anthony is pursuing other ventures out West, Timo Ellis is stepping in for him. These guys seem to have not missed a step and their alternative rock show will be sure to please both old and new fans.


Star Slinger

Star Slinger is a hip-hop producer from the UK. His real name is Darren Williams and he studied music technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. He was first spotted when he self-released a beat tape, Volume I, online in the summer of 2010. Since then, he has released two other EPs, Teams Vs. Star Slinger and Rogue Cho Pa. Star Slinger is known for his funky pop sounds and unique rhythms. He is currently touring with The Hood Internet and Chrissy Murderbot. After Bamboozle, Star Slinger can be seen at festivals in California, Washington, and even Spain. The artist has come a long way from releasing music on the internet. He has produced songs on numerous labels and draws large crowds at each of his shows. Star Slinger is sure to be a popular act at Bamboozle.


T. Mills

Travis Tatum Mills, better known by his stage name T. Mills, is a California-based rapper. After writing music by his lonesome in his bedroom, T. Mills hit the scene back in 2009 with tracks he self-released via the internet. After his quick rise to fame, he was signed to Uprising Records, with whom he released The Finders Keepers EP and his debut album, Ready, Fire, Aim! Since then, he’s been unsigned, releasing multiple singles in 2011 along with his sophomore album, Leaving Home. His style is a nice blend of synth pop and rap, which results in some really catchy music.



The progressive British metal band TesseracT has been blowing music lovers away with their eclectic sound and unconventional methods since 2003. The group was started simply as an outlet for creativity and a way to have fun, but soon spiraled into something bigger—a successful band and a way to earn a living. TesseracT is currently composed of five members; they have went through a number of lineup changes in the past few years, trying out three vocalists before finally settling on Elliot Coleman, who has been with the band since 2011. TesseracT currently has two EPs out, Concealing Fate and One. They have multiple music videos and have performed at dozens of festivals, including the Euroblast Festival in Germany and the Great Indian Rock Festival in India. The band has also toured with many well-known groups and musicians, including Chimp Spanner, Uneven Structure, Protest The Hero, and Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. Just after Bamboozle, on May 22, TesseracT will be releasing their newest EP. It’s titled Perspective and it will showcase the band’s original sound as well as some new-found techniques.


Texas In July

Hailing from southeastern PA, the metalcore quintet Texas In July comes to Bamboozle to close out their U.S. tour before they head to Europe for the summer. The group is composed of vocalist Alex Good, drummer Adam Gray, guitarists Christian Royer and Chris Davis, and bassist Ben Witkowski. They currently have two full-length records under their belt—2009’s I Am and 2011’s One Reality. This past year, they were busy with the This Or The Apocalypse and A Metal Christmas tours, as well as being an opening act for the Take Action Tour. The group is well-known for the prowess of drummer Adam Gray, as well as their creative lyrics and guitar sounds.


The Bouncing Souls

Even upon first glance, one can see that The Bouncing Souls are undeniably original. First of all, they have been one of the few bands to stay together for over 20 years straight, with no breaks in between. It is also unusual that The Bouncing Souls have actually consistently produced quality material over those two decades. However, they have managed to do both with great success. The Bouncing Souls will continue to produce original music for themselves, their loyal fans, and of course, their old touring vehicle, “The White Castle,” which is unfortunately no longer usable due to a malfunctioning engine. The band has also performed in locations all around the world. Just a couple weeks before Bamboozle, they played the Monster Bash in Germany and the Groezrock in Belgium. They also have a few other shows in Germany with Red Tape. After Bamboozle, however, we can catch them in the United States, performing with artists like The Menzingers and Luther. Additionally, The Bouncing Souls will be making an appearance at Webster Hall two weeks after the festival.


The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem is a four-piece rock band originally from New Brunswick, NJ. Their lyrics are full of Jersey references and stories of their youth. The band’s music is essentially a fusion of traditional punk rock, folk qualities, and an undeniable amount of passion and soul. The Gaslight Anthem is currently signed to SideOneDummy Records.

The band released their first album, Sink Or Swim, in May 2007, and it was produced by XOXO Records. The Gaslight Anthem’s second CD, The ‘59 Sound, came out in 2008 through their current label. It includes a song called “Great Expectations,” which references the character Estella in the Charles Dickens novel. The band then went on to release American Slang in 2008.

In addition to their original work, The Gaslight Anthem has also covered songs by other artists. For instance, they re-recorded “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” which was released on All Aboard! A Tribute To Johnny Cash. At live performances, they often cover Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and “Refugee.”

The Gaslight Anthem has appeared at shows with many other top-notch bands and musicians, including Social Distortion, Murder By Death and Frank Turner. They have performed at Lollapalooza and at UK’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. After Bamboozle, they are set to release a fourth album. The CD is called Handwritten and will mostly likely be out sometime this summer. The Gaslight Anthem has kept their fans posted along the way, tweeting about when they would be recording and when their original songs were completely finished. They will be touring all over Europe until the end of the summer.


The New Cities

The Canadian sextet known as The New Cities has been rocking the synth pop since their inception in 2005. After the great success of their self-released EP, The New Cities EP, the group, consisting of Dave Brown, Julien Martre, Christian Bergeron, Francis Fugere, Nicolas Denis, and Philippe Lachance, signed with Sony Music Canada in 2008. Since then, they’ve released two albums off the label; 2009’s Lost In City Lights, and 2011’s Kill The Lights. Their newest single, “Mug Shot,” came out in early March. Bamboozle will be their only showing in the U.S. this summer. After hitting up Asbury Park, the group will be heading back to their native Canada for a few more performances over the summer.


The Story So Far

The Story So Far is a five-piece alternative group that hails from Walnut Creek, CA, and is made up former members of 88 Fingers Louie, King For A Day, and Tomorrow’s Gone. The current lineup consists of Parker Cannon on vocals, Kevin Geyer and William Levy on guitar, Kelen Capener on bass and Ryan Torf on drums. Their debut EP, When Fortune Smiled, was released in 2000 off of Hopeless Records and they’ve been rocking ever since, with four additional EPs and one full-length, 2011’s Under Soil And Dirt, under their belts. Bamboozle will mark the final stage in their North American tour before they head out to Australia and the UK.


Trapped Under Ice

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Trapped Under Ice is a fairly new musical phenomenon. They were formed just a few years ago in 2007, and quickly released a five-song demo. This demo is what would eventually win them their record deal with Reaper Records. Shortly after, Trapped Under Ice released an EP entitled Stay Cold. They have toured with the likes of Hundredth, Betrayal, Backtrack, Take Offense, and many more. The group is classified as a hardcore rock band; ironically enough, they have also exhibited some hardcore behaviors. One of the things Trapped Under Ice is most known for is their frontman Justice Tripp attacking a fan in Europe. He reportedly got jumped on by the fan and was taken aback and hit him in the face. From there, things got a little heated and he wound up severely beating the kid with another band member. However, a shady past doesn’t take away from the band’s talent and entertaining abilities. Definitely check out Trapped Under Ice at Bamboozle, just be sure not to jump on their vocalist.



The fellas of Wallpaper. are out to prove people wrong. After coming into existence to show that today’s pop music isn’t just “simple window dressing,” Wallpaper. quickly rose above all the critics, satire and irony that was what the group was based off of. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Ricky Reed leads this Oakland-based group and has garnered attention due to the group’s great production, sick beats and funky style. They come to Bamboozle after a performance at Coachella and hope to continue to dismantle stereotypes of their genre of music.


White Panda

White Panda is the union of two childhood friends turned DJs who realized they both had similar ambitions. Tom Evans (aka Procrast) from Chicago and Dan Griffith (aka DJ Griffi) of L.A. joined their electro/dance forces back in 2009. They’ve had chart-topping singles and other releases, including their latest full-length, Bambooyah!, which hit stores in early March. After playing Bamboozle and Lollapalooza early this summer, they’ll be headlining a fall tour across the U.S. and Canada. Most of their material is available for download on their website.


Woe, Is Me

Woe, Is Me was formed by Austin Thornton, the former member of the band Of Machines, in Atlanta in 2009. They have one studio album, Number[s], which was released through Rise Records in 2010. Since their formation, they have lost and gained members and established themselves as a prominent band in the metalcore scene. Woe, Is Me is best known for their hit single, “Vengeance,” and their appearances on the Punk Goes Pop compilation albums. Their covers of Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” and “Last Friday Night” have proved to be extremely popular. Woe, Is Me performed at the Vans Warped Tour this past year. They just completed a tour with We Came As Romans, Emmure, blessthefall, and The Color Morale. In the past, they have played shows with Pierce The Veil, Miss May I, The Amity Affliction, and many more. They recently lost a few band members but gained Doriano Magliano and Brian Medley. Woe, Is Me has not yet scheduled any concerts or album releases for after Bamboozle.