Family: Portrait

The new release from Brooklyn prog metallers Family is something truly worth picking up. This record is perfect for any fan of stoner rock, classic rock, and heavy metal. From start to finish, the album takes its listeners on a journey through many different styles of music that in some places will catch you off guard.

A light drum roll opens up in the first track, “Bridge And Tunnel,” before a rather sinister guitar riff starts the whole thing off. Once the vocals kick in, the drumbeat takes a backseat as the bass works accordingly. Singing on these songs comes in one form; a hybrid between yelling, grunting, and actual clean vocals. In many ways and on different occasions, some of the tracks are reminiscent of the album, Fulton Hill, from Virginia stoner metal band Alabama Thunderpussy. This is demonstrated most within the breakdown of the second track, “2 Daddy Wronglegs.” What makes this masterpiece the best that it can be is the amount of Southern influence within it. Whether it be hidden behind heavy riffs or slicing through the jazzy feeling drumbeats, it’s there in one form or another.

I personally was caught off guard by Portrait, and am happy that it fell into my lap. There is not a single moment throughout the entire release that isn’t enjoyable. For a band that seems pretty underground, these gentlemen certainly know what they are doing when it comes to progressively vicious styles of writing. We can all wait with immense anticipation to see what comes next.

In A Word: Noisy