Naked Truth: Ouroboros

If you take electric instruments, jazz instruments, rock guitar, and add in some ambient noises and strange programming, what do you get? Well, I can’t say that I know the answer to that. Ouroboros is eclectic, to say the least. Their mixture of modern electric instrumental tunes is quite the spectacle. In fact, I don’t quite know how to explain their sound. Each song is such a unique blend of sounds and different vibes that they’re hard to pin into any sort of genre.

Former King Crimson and Stick Men member, Pat Mastelotto, uses his experience to contribute his own eccentric sounds to this endeavor. Unlike his past bands, this one has no structure. Flow of expression is exactly what they wanted. Improvising with instruments such as the electric cornet, trumpets, acoustic and electric drums, electric bass and guitars, a Hammond B3 and more, these four men have accomplished controlled chaos.

The second track, “Dancing With The Demons Of Reality” has a funk rock beginning, mixed in with some big band trumpet sounds. It almost sounds like a bizarre circus soundtrack. A minute later, an organ is added into the equation, making this song even more complex. The tempo fluctuates throughout the four minutes. The interesting thing about Naked Truth is that each person forms his own sound. They separately come up with parts and fit them together to form each song.

A blend of delicate symbol taps and trumpet fill the air on “Garden Ghosts.” The simple drumbeat evolves into an elaborate affair about halfway through, as the trumpet suddenly takes over. The fifth song, “Right Of Nightly Passage” is more rigorous. The electronica beats are harsh and fast-paced, but the prepared piano calms down the clutter.

Through the noise and madness, there is beauty. Without the horn sections, this album would be uncontrolled. The strength of the brass blended with the intensity of electronic instruments creates a balanced sound. Even with the chaos, there is a sense of harmony between these four men.

In A Word: Interesting