Thrice: Anthology

As part of their recent farewell tour, Thrice recently released a two-disc live album titled Anthology. The tracklisting for the release features songs from across the band’s discography. Cheers, hollers, and hoots take up the first 20 or so seconds and proceed to get increasingly louder as the band takes the stage and begins to rev up their instruments. The show starts off with “Yellow Belly” from 2011’s Major/Minor, which is only a preview of what’s to come. Directly after, the quartet throttles right into one of the singles off Vheissu, “Image Of The Invisible.” During the quieter part of the song, the crowd can easily be heard singing along and clapping, and again they raise their voices to belt out, “We are the image of the invisible” with Teppei Teranishi. To go along with the disc, the band’s album notes features black and white photos taken during their farewell tour.

The transition from “Daedalus” to “Words In The Water” was not only flawless, but the best pairing on the two-disc set. Compared to the first disc of Anthology, the second part has some of the collective’s mellower tunes but still features power-packed numbers such as “Red Sky,” “The Earth Will Shake,” “Beggars” and “Anthology.” To keep this half of the release from being all downers, Thrice incorporates one of their earlier hits, “T&C.” All good things have to come to an end at some point, and it’s only fitting that Thrice closed out their farewell disc with “Anthology.” Hopefully this will hold off fans until the band decides to come off hiatus.

In A Word: Superb