Kelly Sweet: Sirens

Most people probably don’t know much about Kelly Sweet. I know I didn’t. And, to a certain degree, I still don’t. What I do know is that when it comes to electro-pop, she’s right up there. Her mini-album, Sirens, completely blew my expectations out of the water. Containing songs from Sweet’s Ashes Of My Paradise LP, I was left begging for more. It’s really unfortunate that it’s only being marketed in Japan, however, because I’m positive that Sirens could and would have been a hit here in the U.S.

The album kicks off very energetically, and maintains its liveliness to the end. “Ashes Of My Paradise” provides the listener with a glimpse of what Sweet’s paradise would sound like, at least, and pulsates through you incessantly. It has a little bit of a disco polo feel to it, but not overwhelmingly so that it would feel archaic and out of touch. The chorus at the end is really what makes the song, and draws you in to sing along. “My Amazing Grace” steadily accelerates from its start, but is decidedly slower than the opening track. This leads into my personal favorite of the bunch, “Sirens.” The main focus of the song is on Sweet’s vocals, which are on cue and flawless throughout. The fast-paced electronic accompaniment and claps in the background ensure that “Sirens” would be perfect for a house party, in addition to the other hits on this album. The remaining remixes on the album are pretty fantastic as well.

I was pleasantly blown away by what Kelly Sweet was able to accomplish with Sirens. Of course, if electronic or techno music aren’t your thing, you might not appreciate what Sweet brings in her album. What I can guarantee is that Sirens is an electro-pop fan’s paradise.

In A Word: Electrifying