Mia Dyson: The Moment

Australian singer Mia Dyson certainly knows how to strike a chord with her listener. The Moment is a testament to her past hardships and strong will in being able to overcome even the most troubling of times. The Moment can either inspire you, or make you break down in tears—either way, it’s a record definitely worth experiencing.

First track “When The Moment Comes” opens energetically enough, with the electric guitars carrying the song forward, and uplifting the message Dyson sends across. Dyson is brutally honest with her lyrics, as she reminisces on past experiences, and remembers her “fear” and “failure.”

The overarching theme of memory remains steadfast in “Pistol,” as Dyson recalls things she’s lost. “Use this pistol on my heart” is a standout line in the track; at times one simply feels like giving up, not having to suffer through the pain and futility of life anymore, and it is this aspect of relatability in the song that sets it apart. Dyson’s deep, hoarse voice certainly makes her sound like one who’s lived through thick and thin, and succeeded through the rough patches in life.

In “Jesse,” Dyson painfully describes the experience of being forced to give up one’s son and never seeing him again. This is easily a tearjerker, and probably not a song you would want to listen to when in a cheery mood. The manner in which Dyson portrays the emotion is simply beautiful, as she paints a picture of a regretful young woman who desperately wishes to see her son just one more time.

The Moment isn’t an album about one single moment—it discusses a variety of moments one may encounter in their lifetime, and describes the emotion they may experience in their struggles. Most will easily find a song in The Moment that will impact them, and I can guarantee that they will be better for it.

In A Word: Touching