Hawk And Dove: This Yesterday Will Never End

Hawk And Dove, an indie rock band which consists of members Elijah Miller, John Kleber, Stephanie Sanders, and Adam Sausville, have sculpted an album that transcends the boundaries created by different genres of music. This Yesterday Will Never End has a curiously psychedelic effect on the listener, which can be attributed to the impact of the lead singer, Miller. His vocals are on the soothing side of the spectrum, but the message and tone in which he is singing adds so much hidden muscle to his voice.

“A Song For Him” is directed at a certain ‘Father Abraham,’ who can be presumed to be the famous Bible figure. Miller introspectively argues Abraham should have decided to save his son because he wanted to—not just because God told him to, and goes on to say, “I could have spared my own son.”

“Things We Lost So Far” is one of the lesser works on the album, in my opinion, as towards its center point you are bombarded with wailing vocals in the background that drone out the otherwise excellent instrumental aspect of the track.

Every album needs that one standout song that rises above the rest, and “Stain” is precisely that. The reminiscent lullaby is incredibly descriptive when it comes to telling about times past, when the protagonist smoked cigarettes on a fire escape, and acknowledged the chipped paint on the walls around him. Miller beautifully goes on to discuss how love and blood can “leave permanent stains”—a statement many of us can certainly relate to.

In This Yesterday Will Never End, Hawk And Dove transition between different genres of music effortlessly, and take the listener on a journey guided by Miller’s tender singing. The album left me with a splendid feeling of fulfillment, and its soothing lyrics were engrained into my head with ease.

In A Word: Calming