Fletcher: Open Arms

Who says brothers can’t get along? The young Chicago trio, Fletcher, which consists of English siblings Oscar and Harvey Baker, in addition to friend Tom Fry, beg to differ. On course to release their debut EP, Open Arms, the ensemble are hoping to add their own touch to the British rock of days past.

The entrance to Open Arms is an energetic one, as “The Road I Take” elevates from a soft primer at the onset to a forceful conclusion as the track wears on. “The Road I Take” contains the themes of reflection and introspections of society, which are present throughout the rest of the disc as well.

Featuring the same title as the album, “Open Arms” utilizes the tambourine to add that little extra “oomph” in certain spots, and surprisingly manages to be even more upbeat than the record’s introductory track. The guitars provide some neat little background accompaniment as well, and as a whole maintain its status as a standout of the album. Concluding Open Arms is “Look To The Clouds,” a wistful and pensive track that provides a fitting end to Fletcher’s debut outing.

It’s pretty tough to nail down a possible influence for Fletcher; they’re just so distinctly different from everyone else out there. Perhaps there are some minute similarities with The Strokes and Kings Of Leon, but Fletcher truly are a musical group all their own. Each of Open Arms’ tracks is unique enough to ensure that the EP is an enjoyable listening experience; having said that, I do believe Fletcher have room to improve beyond what they’ve already accomplished. Of course, they are a very young group, so that is to be expected, just as I expect them to grow and develop in the future, and potentially become a world-class band. Fingers crossed.

In A Word: Budding