Operation Chillout has been a provider of relief to homeless veterans since its conception in 2000, when a number of veterans were found living under a bridge in Denver. 13 years later, OCO is going strong with its third annual festival to assist homeless veterans taking place Aug. 10 from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. at Vasa Park in Budd Lake. Nine musical acts will be performing to show their support including Nikki Briar, Zigman Bird, Lenny & The 45’s, Chelsea Carlson, Jimbeau & The Retrocasters, Fossil Fuel, Stinking Gringos, Bob Lanza and Ed Saultz. Operation Chillout is scheduled to take place rain or shine in steadfast support to the nation’s veterans.

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  1. Anthony DeStefano

    Correction :we got our start when we found three Vietnam vets under a trestle in DOVER NJ in the year 2000 (not Denver) We are local but spreading out and now in 14 Counties in NJ and in Stroudsburg, PA


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