Highasakite: Silent Treatment

After a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy for “Best Newcomer,” performances at SXSW, European tours, praise for their debut EP, In And Out Of Weeks (2013), and a huge shout-out from indie folk group Bon Iver, Norwegian indie pop band Highasakite had some great expectations to meet in 2014 with their full-length, Silent Treatment. While sometimes the enveloping hype can overstate the potential of a good band too much to be fully appreciated, Highasakite deliver.

The first thing to note about this album is in the way it moves track to track. “Lover, Where Do You Live” is a sad but sweet composition that retains that pop influence along with the ambient spaciousness of the group’s inherent indie roots, and just as quickly they pick up the tempo with songs like “Leaving No Traces” that blend the intrinsic natural acoustics and harmonies with modern synth.

The group has a choral influence in their music seen in the gorgeous vocal overlays present throughout the production. Beautiful harmonizations make for a gorgeous sound overall, and that little bit of adventurous pop nature that follows it places the album well on the ears. “Science And Blood Tests” closes out in the most appropriate way possible with another near-perfect contrast of natural instrumentation and digital effects.

In its entirety, Silent Treatment never gets dull. Singer-songwriter Ingrid Helene Håvik’s voice is one that is so brilliantly dynamic that it’s difficult to get bored with the way she delivers each note. Highasakite hit this one out of the park, and Silent Treatment is every bit deserving of the prestige that’s accompanied it. For indie and pop fans, as well as anyone who enjoys great music performed cleanly and filled with heart, it’s a record you cannot miss.

In A Word: Delightful