Bridges And Powerlines: Better

The indie genre often produces some of the most creative and inspired work in the modern music scene. With a wide variety of tools at the disposal of the artist which can range from natural minimalism all the way up to heavier reliance on filters, synth and effects, indie bands can do just about anything with their sound and get away with it. Bridges And Powerlines proves that to be true and then some with their 2013 release, Better.

Better can best be described as an album in two acts. The first half introduces frenetic, high-energy songs like “Bushwick” and “Park Slope,” while at the same time setting the record up for its quick descent in tempo and tone. By the fourth track, the EP creates an intriguing transition into darker territory that encompasses the second half. With a more solemn and slow tempo feel, “East New York” begins the build up to Better’s end and provides the outing with the passionate intensity Bridges And Powerlines were looking for all the way to the last second.

“Greenpoint” and “Red Hook” are obvious parallels, and set the stage for an incredible sign off. “Greenpoint” introduces a last burst of somber aggression, followed by the bright tone and moderate tempo of “Red Hook” that, together, ties up the consistent theme of the EP and ends it on an unmistakable high-note that complements the record in its entirety.

Overall, Bridges And Powerlines demonstrate how much of themselves they pour into their music with Better. The six songs completely sweep you off your feet and keep you hooked and wanting more. The EP is a fantastic reminder of how much the band can accomplish given the right set of tools and enough time to build something great with them.

In A Word: Fervent