Whiskey Six: American Grit

Lighting the trail from Phoenix, AZ comes a group with raw attitude and tenacity to match. Whiskey Six brings much more to the table than just another hard rock album with their latest work, American Grit. The 12-track high-octane record brings to life classic influences with a modern twist that is unique to Whiskey Six, and propels from start to finish.

With songs like “Watch It All Burn” and “Double Barrel Man” kicking off the record, Whiskey Six dives in head first to get the thunder rolling. After an explosive opening, American Grit continues with “One Last Time,” and lives up its name to keep on giving to the very last note. Elaborate rhythmic progressions are met with an equally complex lead guitar with classic solos and ferocious harmonics that make for some interesting sounds.

While the majority of American Grit retains that fast-paced energy fans of the group have come to love, interval tracks “One Last Time,” “Home” and “Heartache” deliver wholehearted feeling and light bluesy style to show how dynamic Whiskey Six are. Grouped together with the intense nature of the record, they serve to represent how far they can push the boundaries of their genre.

Lead vocalist Chriskey Six not only does absolute wonders to provide the raspy roaring vocals necessary to carry each song straight through the head like a diamond bullet, but the depth present in his lyrics is a complement to American Grit’s distinctiveness. Drawing up strong influence from classic blues and putting a modern hard rock spin has proven to be an effective means of creating something brand new sounding, without getting too ahead of its time or too classic to appeal to a younger audience.

In A Word: Impressive