Digital Collapse: Digital Collapse

Amidst the ranks of unsigned bands comes Scranton natives Digital Collapse and their self-titled debut EP. Dabbling in the post-grunge genre is a level of experimentation that needs sure footing to get right. With an overcast of muddy distortion, light and tasteful screams and a foreboding tone, Digital Collapse gets it right.

At only 16 minutes running time, the release can feel a lot like it ends before it really begins. The omnipresent energy of the EP is what saves its fate in the pile of “just another debut,” and throws it straight into a league of its own. Post-grunge and alternative metal, the latter being the band’s own self-identification, is a heavily under-established genre, and the fact that Digital Collapse made the risky move of treading within sets them apart as underground musicians.

Opening up the attack is the first track, “All My Fault,” which sets up the record’s theme almost immediately. Not 30 seconds in, you’re already immersed in the somber lyrics accompanied by melodic and lightning quick finger work of the lead guitars. Incorporating thrash-style drums, powerful, soaring vocals and a bassline that brings it all together, this is one hell of a song.

Digital Collapse does a fantastic job of keeping itself on track from start to finish, but there are no surprises as you get pulled deeper and deeper into the mix. While it is of substantial intrigue on its own, there’s nothing about the EP that really catches the attention or stands out enough, making it a good, but not yet great, release. That said, it certainly shows that the band has potential and does its job at introducing the kind of innovation they’re capable of.

In A Word: Promising