Eliza Moore: Everything To Me

Inspired by the need to get closer to her audience, Eliza Moore stepped into the studio to reveal a more exposed and authentic side to herself with her latest EP, Everything To Me, based on her faith in life, love and religion. Moore uses a combination of her incredibly high vocal range, a lifetime of indulgence in music and longtime friend and collaborator Jay Nash to bring her spirit to life in a five-track package.

The title-track brings you immediately closer to Eliza Moore as a person. Straight from the get-go, the listener is brought closer into her heart and mind in a very personal way, and that grip is never loosened throughout the next four tracks.

“My Longing Knows You” and “Call You Inside” continue to introduce who Moore is as both a musician and a person. The present depth and softness of both songs are homogenous with the opener, but they do create some interesting variation. While the first is more reminiscent of ‘90s pop music, the latter is more in the category of melodic ballads and Christian pop.

Second to last we come to “Humanity,” which brings to the table an almost abrupt change in style. The song appears jazzier in nature, blending beautifully with Moore’s soprano range and creating something far more sensuous than previously engaged. While it catches the ear, it seems far out of place given the previous three tracks and the conclusion, “Shimmer,” returns to that consistency.

Everything To Me is on its face that rare look into the artist’s soul in a way that is neither forced, nor artificial. The celebration of the human spirit may not be an original concept, but Moore and Nash drove this one straight home.

In A Word: Righteous