Seventh Tower: Seventh Tower

Spanning 18 minutes and boasting the same powerful aggressive edge that made so many hardcore bands famous is the debut EP Seventh Tower from the group of the same name. In the case of hardcore musicians, Seventh Tower finds its place situated nicely in one of the more dynamic corners. Craftily combining gang vocals with face-melting solos and subtle electronica seeping in through the seams, they manage to find a sound they are comfortable with that bodes well with the scene they represent.

The focus of the lyrics trends toward the relatable everyday plights of every individual, and does a fair job of examining them. Though it’s not the most creative theme in the world, there are plenty of variations on the take that make it appear brightly bold in the shadow of larger, more established groups’ work.

While the bass and drums play an integral part in shaping the backdrop with a deep and percussive style providing that big thump in your headphones, they prove a mostly subtle effect underneath dueling guitars and heavy rhythmic progressions that make the music. Between the low end chugging of the rhythm, inventive use of harmonics by the lead and quick cutthroat solos, they bring the release from just another no-nonsense hardcore release to something worth talking about.

Seventh Tower is one of those EPs that just never seems to get old no matter how many times you play it through. Five tracks from “Crown Me King” to “Came This Far,” it would leave even the most critical of tastes wanting more. While it has a few moments where it can feel monotonous, for a debut, it does an impressive job of introducing who the band is and setting the stage for whatever comes next.

In A Word: Confident