Love Crushed Velvet: Delusions

With five years in the music industry and a wealth of experience under their belt, Love Crushed Velvet are one of those groups that redefine what rock ‘n’ roll is all about. Their latest EP, Delusions, pushes the boundaries with a modern take on classic rock music that manages not to sound tired or too obvious in trying to regain fervor for old style.

Delusions sounds like something straight out of the 1980s hair-band era, and it’s done phenomenally. The opening track “Revolution” sets the stage for the album as a creative and complex release. A theremin sets the background layer and is picked up by the electronica style keyboards during the chorus that makes for some interesting sounds right from the start.

The tonal range achieved on the EP and the manner of experimentation they deal with signifies that the group is willing to stretch as musicians, and can keep outdoing themselves each time they record something new. Songs like “Jane Your Light Won’t Change” and “Lover Leave The Lights On,” which utilize more digital effects and delve into a more ballad style, serve to show how creative the artist can get. What the listener is left with is an all around brilliant combination of tried-and-tested rock music, subtle but easily understood lyrics, memorable hooks, and modern techniques that make for a great release.

After a 20-minute run-through of Delusions, the listener is ultimately left wanting more. Love Crushed Velvet deliver to their fans something to grow on, and gets you immediately searching through their catalog for any material you can find. Often bluesy, always fun, and copiously satisfying, the EP never ceases to entertain.

In A Word: Enthralling