Von Shakes: Bohemia

Since the release of their first EP, Almost Nobody, in March 2012, Irish rockers Von Shakes have gained momentum in their homeland and more recently, the United States. After migrating from Dublin to Brooklyn last year, they’ve been working on their debut full-length, which they recorded over the course of a week in upstate New York. The 12 tracks that resulted from those sessions are what make up Bohemia, due out Nov. 19.

“Robinson Crusoe,” the first track on the album, is a perfect example of what to expect throughout the rest of Bohemia. Within the first few seconds of the opening song, the formula of the disc is already laid out: danceable bass, ever-changing drum patterns, and melodic guitars. Drummer Ryan Normandin and bassist Cillian McSweeney work together to create energetic rhythms that make it nearly impossible to not at least tap your foot to while listening to songs like “Control” and “Last Day On Earth.” Each track flows together extremely well, with elements of punk mixed into their brand of indie rock, leaving the listener wanting more as each song comes to a close.

The LP concludes with “Away From Here,” which opens softly like a lullaby, gaining momentum as it reaches the height of the number, finishing off powerfully with a reminder of the intensity found within the rest of the album. It ends with frontman Patrick Brazel’s soft, crooning vocals, closing the song and bidding the audience farewell.

Bohemia is a great debut. If this is foreshadowing of what to expect from Von Shakes throughout the rest of their musical career, they are sure to secure a prominent place on the indie rock scene and with fans alike.

In A Word: Spirited