Record Store Black Friday: What To Buy On Small Business Saturday

For as long as I can remember, the day after Thanksgiving has been known as Black Friday, the infamous “holiday” where big chain stores launch one-day sales so good that people can’t help but to stampede through the doors, trampling anyone and anything in the way. It is considered the opening of the holiday season, and the first opportunity for one to get their hands on a cheap iPod for a relative, or themselves for that matter. For the fourth year now, the day immediately following is known as Small Business Saturday, a day instead dedicated to stampeding though the doors of a local business and shopping there instead. But over at Record Store Day, being the leaders in rebellion against big business that they are, they figure that rather than settle for the following day, an attack on the sanctity of Black Friday itself is appropriate; Friday is now a time to hit up your local independent record store and pick up some of the special releases that are part of RSD tradition. Listed below are some of our favorites.


Bob Dylan, Side Tracks; Columbia Records

No anti-establishment music event would be complete without some sort of appearance by Bob Dylan or his music. Side Tracks is a compilation of songs that were never before released on an album. Pressed onto three numbered 180 gram vinyls, this package offers up six whole sides of protest as only Dylan can provide.

Duran Duran, No Ordinary EP; PLG

A recording of an acoustic performance at the Hollywood Tower Records on May 15, 1993, No Ordinary EP was released as a free cassette alongside the band’s single “Too Much Information.” Only winners of a radio contest got to be there that night and see the simplified performance, which was wildly different from the normal maximalism of live Duran Duran, but the recordings of “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Notorious,” and “Come Undone” are again available, this time on white 10-inch vinyl. Though it lacks some of the convenience and charm of the cassette release, this is a great addition to the collection of any Duran Duran fan.

Failure, Magnified; ORG Music

Broken up since 1997, Los Angeles alternative band Failure recently announced that they will be reuniting in 2014. Often compared to similar ‘90s grunge bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, the group differs in their dedication to musical texture and creative usage of instrument effects. As an appetizer for fans who have been hungry since the 2004 compilation Golden, the band’s sophomore effort, Magnified will be pressed onto vinyl for the first time and made available on Black Friday. It will only be around for two months, giving ample time to whet your appetite.


Jethro Tull, Benefit; PLG

Classic progressive monsters Jethro Tull are no stranger to vinyl. Their 1970 album, Benefit, was a big hit, featuring some production that was modern for its time. There are no special colors or vinyl weights or other hooks to this one; it’s only a Jethro Tull LP. But then again, what else do you need to know?


Metallica; Through The Never Soundtrack Special Edition; Broken Records

Metallica blazed back into the spotlight this year with the release of their concert thriller film, Metallica Through The Never, and a number of related promotions. Its soundtrack, comprised of live recordings of the thrashers from their Canadian tour that was arranged specifically for the film, will be released on a set of four 180 gram vinyls, spinning at 45 RPM. Even if you own the soundtrack, saw the film in IMAX 3D, or plan on buying the DVD, each of the 4,000 copies will be numbered, making this a great collector’s item for a true Metallica fan.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Live From KCRW; Bad Seed Ltd.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have embarked on a world tour and are scheduled to hit New York City in July of next year. In the meantime, Live From KCRW will be released as a double LP for Black Friday, a few days ahead of its full digital release on Dec. 2. It is a recording of their performance for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, put on earlier in the year in promotion of their full-length, Push The Sky Away. Featuring two exclusive bonus tracks, it will be limited to 3,000 copies in the United States.


Nirvana, In Utero 2013 Mix; Geffen Records

A number of years ago, Nirvana announced that it would be releasing 20th anniversary editions of each of their three albums. The third and final of such editions came earlier this year with the release of their abrasive 1993 masterpiece, In Utero. The remastered and remixed LP came with a live recording, demos, and B-sides. Original producer Steve Albini’s remix and remastering, done at Abbey Road Studios, is now being pressed onto 45 RPM copper LPs and released with exclusive album art just for the Black Friday event.


Queens Of The Stone Age, …Like Clockwork; Matador Records

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on a copy of Queens Of The Stone Age’s newest and arguably heaviest creation, …Like Clockwork, RSD is offering up the chance, albeit a small one, to get your hands on it. The exclusive release will come in the form of two 180 gram LPs, wrapped up in black-on-black packaging just for Black Friday. There will only be 1,200 copies for sale in record stores across the United States (with another 1,200 worldwide), so chances are the selling out of this limited edition will happen like clockwork.

Stone Temple Pilots, Core; Rhino Records

Stone Temple Pilots are going through a pretty turbulent phase right now, what with the firing of their lead vocalist and a lawsuit over the legality of performing band material on a solo tour. However, fans have no reason to be a part of petty artist squabbles or intrusions by Linkin Park members, so in respect to that little luxury, STP’s 1992 debut, Core, is going to be printed to yellow vinyl for Friday. Just like with so many other bands, this is an opportunity to celebrate a time when they didn’t hate each other, and you can do it in all the neon glory that gold can provide.

Tegan And Sara, Guilty As Charged/I Run Empty; Warner Bros. Records

Canadian indie twin sisters Tegan And Sara have been around for a while, but are enjoying a recent jump in popularity due to the success and subsequent radio coverage of their 2012 single, “Closer.” It is the opening track on their seventh album, Heartthrob, released early this year, the deluxe edition of which featured two bonus tracks, “Guilty As Charged” and “I Run Empty.” Those two songs will now be released on a 7-inch, the first time on vinyl for those two songs.

Townes Van Zandt, Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos 1971-1972; Omnivore Recordings

Sunshine Boy is a box set of 28 never before heard versions of some of the greatest songs by one of America’s most loved singer-songwriters. Taken from a period viewed as one of his most fruitful, the tracks come printed on three clear vinyl records, making it a great collector’s item. It will only be available in record stores for 90 days, so there will be a while to get your hands on it.