INXS, Duran Duran, & Depeche Mode Takeover of Have You Heard That (Music) Podcast?

Summer has started and the temperatures are soaring. Festivals are in full swing and seem to be hotter than ever. What better time to spotlight podcasts that are made by fans for fans? The following podcasts are super cool and feature three bands I’ve adored for decades. 

The INXS Access All Areas Podcast is dedicated to one of the greatest bands of all time: INXS. The band captivated audiences across the globe with unforgettable lyrics, mega-talented instrumentalists, and one of the most magnetic frontmen in the history of music. The co-hosts, Haydn, a self-confessed INXS nerd and podcaster, and Bee, a tech-savvy INXS fangirl and social whirlwind, happen to agree. The two connected at Richard Lowenstein’s movie-documentary premiere of Mystify, a documentary film about Michael Hutchence, and the rest is history. Bee and Haydn have been discussing everything Hutchence, Farriss, Beers, and Pengilly since March of 2020. They have documented INXS’ entire career and campaign to induct them into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Over the years, the duo has been joined by various guests including some of the band’s most respected collaborators such as Nile Rodgers, Mark Opitz, and Nick Launay. Close friends of the band and fans from all over the world have appeared on INXS Access All Areas Podcast talking about their INXperiences. They have secured interviews with several of the band members themselves; Garry Gary Beers, Kirk Pengilly, and the brothers Farriss (Andrew, Jon, and Tim). They have all given candid and insightful interviews about their experiences and memories of INXS, the music they made, and of course, Michael Hutchence. The INXS Access All Areas Podcast has hit the Top 10 in the Music History podcast charts in many countries and has become the go-to place for INXS fans globally. There’s a reason why. Haydn and Bee have a great rapport and clearly love the subject matter.

Please, please tell me now, is there a podcast I should know? The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes.’ Cherry Ice Cream Smile is the ultimate podcast for Duran Duran fans by fellow Duranies, Suzanne, Jodi, Diana, and Stephanie. The foursome hangs out to discuss their love of music, pop culture, and Duran Duran – Simon LeBon, John Taylor (sigh!), Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor. They have interviewed authors, graphic artists, filmmakers, musicians, and others aligned with Birmingham’s finest band. Their round-table discussions include album reviews, concert recaps, and more. Jodi, Stephanie, Diana, and Jodi are closing in on 100 episodes. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the delectable Cherry Ice Cream Smile.

Depeche Mode: The Podcast is hosted by Jon Justice, a die-hard Depeche Mode fan for 36 years. If you’re a Devotee, this is a definite must-listen. Justice shares breaking news about Depeche Mode, solo projects, the elaborate history of the band, and their cultural impact. The host has impeccable attention to detail and their dark, hypnotic music. The band continues to enchant their following and he will be there to document it all. Depeche Mode: The Podcast is part of My Nerd World, a podcast network created by Justice to share his love of Star Wars, sci-fi, and Depeche Mode. I just can’t get enough of this show!

The trilogy of podcasts may inspire you to create a show to memorialize and celebrate one of your favorites or to connect with other admirers. It’s a sure win-win, either way you slice it.