Lacey Caroline: Songbird

Without a label backing her, Lacey Caroline decided to produce her first album, Songbird, herself. Although she has degrees in both law and economics, the singer-songwriter decided to follow her dream and create her own music. At seven songs, the record is relatively short, yet it packs a major dose of country pop. As Lacey Caroline was born and raised in Sparta, New Jersey—which is not exactly known as the epicenter of the country scene—this album was made with the intent to inform the world that quality country music can come from the Northeast.

Lacey Caroline has a very high and easily-recognizable voice, and she sings with the essential twang. The vivacious opener and first single off the record, “Can You Feel It,” is about the undeniable spark between lovers. It is lively, energetic, and would not be considered out of place on the radio or playing at a slumber party. “Run Away” has a slight country rock tinge, but continues the theme of chronicling the singer-songwriter’s love life. The other songs on the release are occasionally too sweet (“Anything But Me”), making Lacey Caroline sound like a Disney princess.

Songbird is a very respectable debut effort, and it shows that there’s hope yet for country in the Garden State.

In A Word: Sweet