Redleg Husky: Carolina

Americana/folk rock band from North Carolina, Redleg Husky, was formed in 2012. Their debut, Carolina, is a nod to their home state. The group was influenced by the musical grooves of such diverse artists as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Muddy Waters. Everyone in the trio sings, which leads to a delightful mix of male and female vocals.

“Carolina Diamonds” opens the record and immediately introduces the listener to the group’s folksy style, with its use of musical saws and banjos. The following track, “Autumn Heart,” is much softer and more emotional, and includes the lyrics, “I make melancholy music with my autumn heart.” Pain and loneliness seem to flutter off every note the act sings. The happier “Your Medicine” is an adorable duet similar to that of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley’s “Leather And Lace.” Slightly different from the others is “Wasted Time,” which really showcases male vocalist Tim McWilliams’ deep voice through its lack of attention-grabbing background music. The closer, “Hallowed Sound,” is a hopeful tune about finding the place where you belong, which for this band, happens to be North Carolina. It ends the album fittingly, because it ties the whole of Carolina together.

The release is very well put together, and the group consistently delivers folk rock songs that easily cover the themes of love, heartbreak, faith and enjoying the slower life. All in all, Carolina is a pleasure to listen to, and effortlessly transports the listener to a thriving, rural part of America.

In A Word: Pastoral