Mike Mains & The Branches: Everything

A sound that straddles the line somewhere between Cold War Kids and The Boxer Rebellion, and a combination of attitude and light-heartedness on an EP that leaves you hungry for more, Mike Mains & The Branches are certainly doing something right. With their latest EP, Everything, acting as a predecessor to their soon-to-be-released LP, Calm Down, Everything Is Fine, the band scores big points for a refreshing pop rock/indie style music.

At only three tracks, Everything is not what you’d expect to feel like much more than a demo collection of separate but related songs to spur some support for their upcoming, much more impactful, full-length. While the EP won’t be winning any awards for an exceptional standalone, it does its job and then some by creating some hype around the band, as each track stands as an awesome production by itself.

Each song brings something different to the table and demonstrates how much variety this group can pack in. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” starts with a uke and a light breezy style of easy-listening, followed swiftly by the more alternative “In The Night,” and finally the darker and much heavier punk-esque “Noises.” Producer/guitarist Matt Hoopes of Relient K and drummer Zac Farro (Half Noise, Paramore, Novel American) lent themselves to the record and this EP, making it all that much more impressive.

By itself, Everything holds up as a more than decent production, and it certainly incites some interest in the full-length. The three-track teaser of sorts stands by itself to give fans an idea of what they can expect from Mike Mains & The Branches, and it’s good looks all around.

In A Word: Impressive