Maria’s Local Radar: TV Tramps

It’s about that time of week that we talk everything that is HOT on the scene. I have been hearing some new music from a ton of different bands, all in different genres, and it’s getting me very excited for what the summer has in store. It’s nice to live in a town where we have access to so many venues, promoters, websites and blogs, recording studios, and even coffee shops. There are so many different elements and outlets to get exposed to the local art, whether it’s music, paintings, clothes, and more. However, this column is dedicated to music, so I will stick on that topic for now to avoid an ongoing tangent of my love for New Jersey.

Anyway, this week I am going to focus on a band that has been around for a while, so you most likely will recognize the name. If you don’t, however, don’t feel out of the loop; feel welcomed to the outrageous world that is TV Tramps. Sometimes I focus my articles on groups that need a little help and exposure; however, this group is the complete opposite. They are veterans in the game, know how to entertain, and sure as hell can perform. Let’s indulge and tell their story.

TV Tramps are a punk rock band from New Jersey with Joy Vay on vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt on drums, Brian the “lead thrasher” and Brendan on bass. I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys in a tiny atmosphere—The Saint in Asbury Park, to be exact—and let me tell you, it was one hell of a ride. You know those groups that you say, “Oh yeah, they are a live band?” Well, that statement applies here. Not to take away from their recordings at all, which I will touch on in a second, but there is something about the energy of their performances that sucks you in like a vacuum on a dirty floor. I was immediately drawn to Joy, as everything about her screams bad-ass. From her punk style, awesome hair, leopard guitar strap and insanely diverse vocals, she is an overall rock star. The beauty of it is you could just look at her and think, “Wow, she is rocker,” even if she didn’t have talent. She has the image completely down, and the talent is double of what she appears. There is nothing stopping this woman, and I believe she is the face of her genre. Of course, not to take away from the rest of the band, for they all complete the puzzle.

TV Tramps have been rocking since 2010, and have left no stone unturned in these past four years. They are a household name in the local area, and if you are a fan of punk, you must check them out immediately. Their debut album, Rip It Up, gives you an energy that you never even knew existed. They are currently signed to Little Dickman Records in Asbury Park, which houses a ton of awesome local talent (not to pour out a shameless plug, but you really should check out some of their other artists like The Battery Electric as well). They take you back to a time when punk was just starting out, immediately bringing to mind artists like the Misfits and Iggy Pop. Not to say that they sound like either of those groups, but I would place their record on the shelf in between those two bands. Sometimes you just want a group that bleeds old school with a modern twist, and this, my friends, does just that.

You need to find out where they are playing next and keep up with their updates (otherwise known as hopping on board the TV Tramps line). You can learn more about them at Plus, every time I have seen them, I have found about five other bands on the bill that I immediately became super-fans of. One band specifically that I have learned to love from them is Hot Blood. TV Tramps really know how to put together a show that makes sense, without staying in the lines. Need a song recommendation for a first taste? Check out “Baby Girl” and you will never turn back. It’s also available for free download on their Facebook page. The chorus, beat, vocals, and everything in between will completely turn you upside down. And while you’re over there, check out “Vampires.” No need to explain, you will see why.

I will be back next week with another local band that is causing a frenzy, and who knows, they may be veterans or new kids on the block. Either way, the spotlight is where they belong! Keep sending your submissions to and give my ears a taste of what you are working on. To all of the bands out there, people do listen; people do want to attend your shows, so keep on keeping on! We are all in this together, one show at a time.