Setting Sun: Be Here When You Get There

Currently based in Brooklyn, Setting Sun have released five albums since their formation in 2001. They are fronted by Gary Levitt, who also produces the indie rock band’s music. Their debut, 2002’s Holed Up, set the group’s mellow style, and started an excessive tour throughout the U.S. and Europe. Be Here When You Get There is the band’s most recent full-length, and still contains the same soft sound, which they describe as “sonic folk and electroacoustic pop.”

“Got It Made” opens the record in a celebratory fashion, and urges the listeners to be proud of themselves and continue on their path. Standing out from the other tracks is “Leave A Light On,” which sounds vaguely New Wave-y. It features violins played over bouncy, synth-y beats, and whispered, yet catchy hooks. “Seasons” is possibly the most relaxing song on the LP, with its solitary violins and hushed singing. “Dream Next Door” commences with plucky guitars and a mix of strings playing phantasmagorical melodies. Levitt’s voice adds more dreaminess to the track, due to the fact that he breathes the words. The closer, “Singularity,” has an uncanny resemblance to Tears For Fears’ hit “Mad World,” and ends the album with a fizzle.

Be Here When You Get Here is an interesting release, and really shows that Setting Sun can shine in any genre on which they choose to focus. The album consistently showcases the band’s ability to remain intriguing, and create soothing, refreshing music.

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