New Orleans Suspects: Ouroboros

Heavily impacted by the city that brought them together, the New Orleans Suspects have always drawn from their origins for the funky Southern rock style, and the direction of their music. And with the release of their third album, Ouroboros, you can feel the connection to their New Orleans roots stronger than ever, even if you’ve never had the pleasure of going there.

Formed in 2009 as a pick-up band, and comprised of members from previous local favorites like the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and The Radiators, the New Orleans Suspects came together to celebrate all that makes their home a live music destination. The funk and rock vibes are propelled by the soul of the sax and a groove-based rhythm that are evocative of funk’s emergence in New Orleans in the 1960s, wholly thanks to the band’s profound ability to create an experience for the listener with every stroke of a key or pick of the bass.

Highlighted in their track “Cigarette Smile,” the combined rhythm of the bass and drums drive the chorus, “Tell me everything you know, something to believe in, some place I should go.” Ouroboros is strong and soulful, with each song holding the ability to transport you to The Maple Leaf, where they began, standing by the bar with the regulars, a drink in hand, as the sounds of these local legends overflows onto Oak Street. Each time you listen to this album you are guaranteed a temporary escape to a funky destination, one that you will never regret taking.

In A Word: Transcending