Trapt is probably the last band you’d expect to put out an acoustic album. Trapt, the band that debuted in 2002 with the anthem for thousands of angry teenagers, “Headstrong.” Trapt, the band that’s been mislabeled as Linkin Park enough times to spawn intense YouTube debates. That being said, Trapt released a brilliant album with The Acoustic Collection.

“Headstrong” is, not surprisingly, the first track, raising many questions for those who don’t know Trapt’s discography past this song. “How can such a heavy track sound so good with only acoustic guitars?” This is easy, seeing as how in addition to acoustic guitars and bass, the album also features drums, which are able to play a greatly toned-down, yet similar beat to the original song. Other tunes include “Waiting” and “Lost Realist,” which can both pass off as Matchbook Twenty works, especially in their acoustic forms.

“Black Rose” has a unique sound in that its verses have a mix between reggae instrumentals and hard rock chord progressions, making it hard to describe, but quite beautiful to listen to. The lead guitar plucks out each note while a beat-delayed echo mimics its melody, creating what sounds like rain droplets hitting a tin roof; now add the varying rhythms of the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, and it all comes together in an almost polyrhythmic call and response.

The Acoustic Collection is more than your standard “Greatest Hits” or “Anniversary” album. It’s a chance for Trapt to show their fans and everyone else that they can tackle the musicality and melodic nature that’s been present in their songs since day one, and bring it to the center stage.

In A Word: Stunning

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