Bryan Ferry: Avonmore

Bryan Ferry is no stranger to music whatsoever, considering he’s been active since the early ‘70s. He rose to fame through his role as the lead singer and songwriter for Roxy Music, a popular band in the UK. Along with his work in the band, he has developed his solo work on his own. Despite his songwriting abilities, he is also recognized for his work covering and reinterpreting many standards. Ferry’s latest release, Avalon, shares a name with the last album recorded by Roxy Music.

There is a lot of experimentation in sound, as the album hits on funk, acoustic guitar, pop synths, dance beats, and more. The producers had a lot of work for themselves. Bryan’s voice is fragile, but soulful. Many of the sounds include ethereal, smooth and psychedelic feels.

“Loop De Li” is the first single off the new record. The track opens with a groove, sax, and whimsy lyrics. An acoustic guitar surprise, “Soldier Of Fortune” is most melancholy, with recollecting lyrics that tug on your heartstrings. For whatever reason, “Driving Me Wild” is most surprising to me. It could be because of its hip-hop-like record scratch in the background, or the song’s odd hook. “Lost” is smooth and soft, featuring a minimal amount of instrumentation.

Ironically, this album is no way an ending point like it was for Roxy Music. Because of the disc’s unexpected nature, I look forward to hearing in what direction Ferry decides to take his music. Essentially, like in the tradition of Western music, it needs a harmonious resolve.

In A Word: Bewildering