Voices Of Destiny: Crisis Cult

Female-fronted gothic metal band Voices Of Destiny have created their third album, Crisis Cult. Formed in 2004, the German-based group has had several different members throughout the past decade. The current quintet has collaborated to generate something that captures their distinct sounds. Crisis Cult contains intense instrumentation that provides a strong backing for lead vocalist Ada Flechtner. The keyboard skills of Lukas Palme help create the symphonic feel to their sound. With Chris Gutjar (guitar), Jens Hartwig (bass), and Klaus Ackermann (drums), Voices Of Destiny have been able to construct their specific metal style.

Crisis Cult merges darkness and light together with Flechtner’s even melodic range and Palme’s harsher backing vocals. Within the 10 tracks, the pair alternate singing between themselves and make smooth transitions while doing so. “The Great Hunt” is a prime example of how the instrumentation guides Flechtner and Palme’s exchanges. With a dramatic introduction that suits the title perfectly, they proceed to deliver a powerful piece. While many of the songs on the album exceed the four-minute mark, the last track, “Your Creation,” falls short; the piece doesn’t appear to be as developed as the rest of the album, and it’s almost as if it isn’t finished yet.

Collectively, the album’s songs appear very similar in regards to style. Although Voices Of Destiny have established their own particular sound, there isn’t much variation occurring on the record. Again, the band’s instrumentation only enhances the transitions that work so well for them. While many musical artists cannot make drastic vocal changes with such fluidity, Voices Of Destiny have found the correct balance in order to do so. The group’s gothic tone with a symphonic twist brings a familiar, yet distinctive sound to the metal genre.

In A Word: Consistent