A Swarm Of The Sun: The Rifts

Swedish duo A Swarm Of The Sun have constructed their hauntingly melodic third album, The Rifts. Members Erik Nilsson and Jakob Berglund have proven themselves capable of creating dark and contrasting tunes that provide a mix of styles. With the use of varying instrumentation and several other artists’ musical contributions, The Rifts is an incredible collection of nine songs. Though varying in length, each song is a new journey into the minds of the artists. Having obvious industrial and post-rock influences, A Swarm Of The Sun are evocative and undeniably talented.

The Rifts has many pieces that are only instrumental; A Swarm Of The Sun are able to create vast contrasts within each song. The varying tempos threaded into tracks like “Infants” highlights the band’s well-placed transitions from calm to heavy. Then there are songs where the instrument focus is heavily placed upon the drums; this is most apparent in “These Depths Were Always Meant For Both Of Us.” The few tracks with vocals accentuate the melodic darkness that flows throughout the album. Using the bare minimum of singing helps center on the precise quality the duo produces.

A Swarm Of The Sun, while not easy to define, are a dynamic pair. The Rifts showcases their musical capabilities and artistic visions in only nine tracks. Using drastic contrasts and outside musicians has only helped to enhance the album’s emotional tone. From pianos to drums, the varying sounds help create a smooth transition from the beginning of the record to the end. Perhaps The Rifts is making an accurate reflection upon the highs and lows of life.

In A Word: Memorable