While Heaven Wept: Suspended At Aphelion

Originated in Virginia, While Heaven Wept have presented themselves as a talented doom, progressive, and symphonic metal band. With seven main members, the musicians have provided a powerful blend of metal on their most recent album, Suspended At Aphelion. Guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist Tom Phillips is the last original member of While Heaven Wept. Having seen multiple members over the past two decades, the band is currently completed by multi-talented performers who work incredibly well together. With lead vocalist Rain Irving, the band’s instrumentation is provided by bassist Jim Hunter, drummer Trevor Schrotz, guitarist Scott Loose, and keyboardists Jason Lingle and Michelle Schrotz.

Suspended At Aphelion is like a metal medley for the soul; it avoids repetition and each song has a different melodic sound. While Heaven Wept utilize each member’s musical capabilities and use them to enhance their sincerity in their songs. The first track, “Introspectus,” is purely instrumental and gives only a small sample of what’s to come on the album. “Heartburst” has smooth and clear vocals with soft instrumentation, then more than halfway through an intense guitar solo begins. There is a more extreme instrumental track that incorporates various styles and tempos on “Indifference Turned Paralysis.” The stylistic differences are most noticeable in the guitar strumming when there are dramatic breaks in the song. Suspended At Aphelion is anything but ordinary––it’s remarkable.

While Heaven Wept present a mix of genres and are able to execute them flawlessly. The collection of songs on Suspended At Aphelion has an ideal blend of different styles. Using their fresh musical combinations makes the album extremely engrossing. As musical artists, While Heaven Wept have constructed something outstanding. With their technique and performance, the group is nothing short of impressive.

In A Word: Extraordinary