Howardian: Land Of The Low Tides

Japanther’s Ian Vanek has recently launched a solo LP under the name Howardian. Land Of The Low Tides is a fitting title for the album that contains a multitude of styles and sounds. Vanek’s versatility is showcased throughout each of the 11 tracks; each piece is noticeably different, yet they all hold the same underlying signature sound. While there are several songs with hard bass, there are others that rely heavily on more simplistic percussion beats. Stylistically, there are many different influences that include rock, punk, and alternative. Land Of The Low Tides encompasses all of the genres and blends them together effortlessly.

A majority of the songs have a fuzzy quality that enhances the punk grittiness. With clear vocals that are constantly present, Vanek’s project contains impressive musical contrasts. In “New Leans On Old Loans,” the simpler beats help create a catchy tune with alternating tempos. The alternative style is especially noticeable in “Be Fruitful,” which has the most distinct basslines in any of the 11 tracks. Howardian uses different genres to help give the album a distinguished and unconventional sound. Land Of The Low Tides does nothing but highlight Vanek’s talents and skills as a musician.

Howardian’s project is one that has accomplished the ability to create various styles using different musical techniques. The instrumentation throughout the album creates complex beats with some heavy undertones. Land Of The Low Tides is jam-packed with undeniable range and uncommon sounds. Although fuzzy at times, the songs still maintain a significant level of clarity that must be acknowledged. The LP brings a new mix of music forward and showcases Howardian’s musical creativity.

In A Word: Daring