Changing Into A Wolf

Crow Mother

Three years since their inception, Crow Mother have been busy since. The group’s first year was filled with exploration. They began with the release of two initial tracks, “Killing The Love” and “Sugar, Blood & Wine.” Afterwards, “Winterland” and “Smile Like You Care” followed suit with a much more mature approach. They then toured extensively across the Baltic region; the band hails from the capital of Latvia, the city of Riga. The release of their debut album, Changes, was a highlight of 2013. Featuring their first releases along with new content, the album signified a coming into their own.

The band has strong influences of classic rock, and they specifically cite ‘70s rock as their primary source of inspiration. They even keep a traditional group format as a four-piece act; they have Edijs Jurevics on lead vocal, Janis Andzans on lead guitar, Edgars Briedis on bass, and Martins Vilskersts on drums. Borrowing from an undoubtedly cool time in music, the sound is streamlined with guitar solos and anthemic choruses. You can hear this influence directly in “Changes.” Their newest single “Gray Wolf” adds texture to their sound, only promising improvement for their next release. You can find Crow Mother’s music and updates at and

04-01 RISEN - An Old Friend


They’ve Got Your Back

An Old Friend

Alternative group An Old Friend is on a mission to provide listeners with a higher quality of music delivery. They’ve stated a desire to save people from mundane styles. As a result of this, they’ve added their own flair to their sound. Essentially, they’ve put thought into song compositions, and this effort shines through. Their debut, The Quiet Drive, was released in 2013, and offered an introduction to their dedication to development.

They don’t shy away from ranging dynamics, and the best part of each musical idea is that it gives off the essence that it wasn’t simply arranged but contemplated. “Window” introduces us to a conventional punk rock band. Later on, “Broadway & Clyde” reveals potential with layered vocals and building tempo. Recently, their self-titled sophomore effort was released. “Scavenger Hunt” gives an element of mystery; a haunting lick opens the track. “Fragments & Blurs” exemplifies their distinct musical conversations; not only are the vocalists exchanging ideas, but the instruments also contribute to the story being told. Follow them and listen in at and

(Photo by MarcusMPhoto -

(Photo by MarcusMPhoto –

Addicting And Unbreakable

My Dear Addiction

After a renaissance spurred from struggle, Swedish metal band Blind rebranded as My Dear Addiction. As a result of their hope to be signed, their debut album, New Blood, was released soon after the reveal of their new identity. Moving forward with original members Kim Lindstén and Peter Parkeborn, the group found new hope and new members. Bassist Johannes “Julles” Olsson and guitarists Ludde Blaesild and Christoffer Holm joined the lineup, solidifying their revival.

Their style is infused with energy; the tracks are relentless and high on intensity. “Unbreakable” is an empowering anthem that features commanding lyrics such as, “Life is running through my veins, I kept on going and broke those chains.” Lead vocalist Kim is unapologetic in his delivery. “All White” showcases his range through his featured raspy whispers, growls, and singing. My Dear Addiction recently signed on with a new label and went on tour, so new music appears imminent. A freshly released single, “Beautiful” delivers the same, if not greater, amount of passion. Their story and other content can be found on, and you can give them a listen at

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